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With advanced certification in Functional Medicine, Dr. Anshul Gupta MD is a Board Certified Family Medicine Physician. He believes in treating chronic diseases by identifying the root cause of the problem and adapting the required lifestyle changes for the reversal. He has also done a fellowship in Integrative Medicine and a certification course in Peptide Therapy.
He has gained valuable experience by working at the Cleveland Clinic Department of Functional Medicine as Staff Physician alongside Dr. Mark Hyman. He has a strong belief that patients can take charge of their health and a holistic approach to treat chronic disease can give effective results. So, he partners with his patients and empowers them to improve their conditions by adapting a lifestyle that works for them.
He is a specialized thyroid functional medicine doctor now who helps patients to reverse their unresolved symptoms of thyroid dysfunction through functional medicine rather than depending on conventional medication.

Dr. Anshul Gupta has such a firm belief in Functional Medicine because he himself has treated his problems of acid reflux, weight issues, fatigue, brain fog, eczema, allergies, skin problems, and fatty liver. With the practical concepts of Functional Medicine, Dr. Anshul Gupta has reversed his diseases and got better control of his health with a balanced weight, improved energy and mental clarity. Moreover, the results are long-term and sustainable.
Through his journey, of treating himself, he realised that the conventional medical approach is not a solution for a vast majority of patients suffering from various symptoms of chronic diseases. Hence, Functional Medicine has to come into the frame to treat patients so that they can live healthy life.
This is what motivated him to become a Functional Medicine Expert and relieve people from prolonged chronic diseases. He wants to educate people about a healthy lifestyle and hence, he is working on a mission to help more than 1 million people to reclaim their health back through Functional Medicine.
Dr. Gupta’s journey started with completing a Family Medicine residency at Hennepin County Medical Center, Minneapolis. Along with his training, he did an Integrative Medicine track where Dr. Anshul Gupta first learned about what Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine Practitioners do and how functional medicine concepts are helpful in treating chronic diseases, especially thyroid.
He was always passionate about working with underserved people, hence he moved to the Northern Neck area of Virginia, where he worked for 5 years and provided services to the locals. He incorporated a holistic approach in his practice and treated patients with care that made him stand out for his services. People always used to praise him and this got him to achieve the title of Best Doctor in Northern Neck 2018 by the Northern Neck news.  
Dr. Gupta is an Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM) certified practitioner and hence his IFM Profile conveys all the medical conditions which can be treated by him through the Functional Medicine Approach.
Dr. Gupta’s experience and knowledge of Functional Medicine makes him one of the very few Functional Medicine Doctors who partners with his patients and consult every aspect of their life to dig the root cause of their problem and work on their core imbalances by developing an individualized plan which focuses on a specific diet plan, movement, and stress reduction. This helps them to improve their unresolved symptoms of thyroid dysfunction and work towards the reversal of the disease.
He is currently treating patients all across the globe and helping them live healthy life by executing the concepts of Functional Medicine effectively.

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