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Your health should be a top priority for you. There's nothing better than feeling like your best healthy self with an improved mood! 

Functional medicine has been shown to help people of all ages heal from chronic conditions by incorporating science-backed practices into their programs. They can not only improve symptoms but also lead to optimal wellness through in-depth protocols.

Now, virtual functional medicine consultation can be done from the comfort of your home in Cleveland Ohio with Dr. Gupta, a licensed physician.



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Dr. Gupta is a board-certified Family medicine physician who has helped and treated patients from around the world through comprehensive medical care. 

He started working at the Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine department and has come across some of the most complicated patients. He specializes in treatments for thyroid disorders, gut disorders, and autoimmune disorders. To date, he has helped thousands to regain their life back!

It is a well-known fact that Cleveland has some of the worst rates for chronic diseases in America. The problem lies with conventional medicine, which still hasn’t found an effective solution to managing these illnesses and their symptoms.


Virtual functional medicine consultation at Cleveland, Ohio

 Functional medicine consult with Dr. Gupta 


A person with a chronic disease might feel hopeless and like there is no way out. Luckily, functional medicine can help by giving you the tools to control your condition in a holistic manner - without pumping more medicines into your body. This new approach has given much hope for controlling their conditions naturally instead of relying on side effect-laden drugs that only treat symptoms while not addressing the root cause of problems at all!

Functional medicine has changed the lives of thousands!

This approach offers a more in-depth evaluation and holistic plan, which is why it’s the fastest-growing field of medicine in the USA.


functional medicine doctor Cleveland


Functional medicine doctors can give you more information about your body than other conventional tests through advanced testing protocols. Eventually, the possible food reactions can be found & the best diet and treatment plan can be easily devised for you.

If you have a chronic health condition and want to know the root cause of your disease, or what else can be done in order to control it better. Or if symptoms are bothering you that nobody has answers for, then working with functional medicine doctors would provide better treatment plan options.

If you are looking for a Functional Medicine Doctor in Cleveland, who has the right training and experience, then you can get a virtual consultation with Dr. Gupta.


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Conventional medicine is mainly treating the diseases on the surface. conventional medicine uses only pharmaceutical medicines which treats the disease on the surface, and doesn't provide long lasting benefit. While functional medicine identifies the underlying cause, and this gives a permanent relief from the symptoms.

Yes Dr. Gupta utilizes natural ways to treat his clients. These includes lifestyle changes, special diets, supplements, herbs.

Yes, Dr. Gupta uses holistic ways to treat his clients. He makes comprehensive plans which includes personalized diet plans, quality supplements, and advanced testing.

Yes, Dr. Gupta uses advanced functional medicine testing to identify the root causes of their clients problems. This testing includes food sensitivity, toxins, infections, hormonal testing.

Yes, Dr. Ansul Gupta has a virtual Functional Medicine practice and you can get a virtual functional medicine consultation with him right from your home in Cleveland.

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