Mold Toxicity Treatment Toledo

Mold Toxicity

Mold toxicity is a leading cause of several chronic diseases.  Your body can react negatively to mycotoxins when it is exposed to a specific type of mold. Mold Toxicity Treatment Toledo

What is mold toxicity?

Mold toxicity is a condition that results from mycotoxins found in mold. They are biotoxins, which can trigger allergies and other illnesses in humans and animals.

Some mold toxins can cause severe symptoms, but others may only be detected after prolonged exposure.



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What are the symptoms of mold toxicity?

Mold toxicity should be diagnosed as soon as possible in order to prevent further damage. How can you tell if your mold toxicity is present? These are the signs and symptoms that can indicate mold toxicity.

Mold toxins cause inflammation which can eventually lead to many health conditions, including thyroid problems.

Mold toxins overburden your detox system and cause very slow inflammation. Then eventually your body becomes weak and can develop other diseases.

While conventional medicine acknowledges the possibility of mold-related medical problems, new research has shown that mold toxins can be linked to many diseases.

The symptoms of mold toxicity depend on the toxin that you have been exposed to.

The most common symptoms are:

  • Loss of sleep
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Kidney problems
  • Skin disorders
  • Autoimmune diseases


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How do you get mold toxicity?

First of all, mold exposure can occur through the environment around us and especially in buildings.

These could be your house, old house, workplace, or hotel room.

Research has shown mold spores have been found in buildings that suffered even one case of brain damage.

The most important risk factors that can increase mold sensitivity are:

  • Multiple chemical hypersensitivity reactions or allergies
  • Immune disorders, such as Lupus or Immune Deficiency Diseases
  • Asthma prevention for children
  • Avoidance of sunlight and exposure to outside air (since molds can grow in damp and dark areas).

How to diagnose mold toxicity?

A Functional Medicine Doctor can diagnose your mold toxicities problems by testing for different mold species.

You should not assume that all mold species can be toxic to your health.

Some of the most pathological species of mold are:

  1. Aspergillus
  2. Penicillium
  3. Stachybotrys
  4. Fusarium,
  5. Myrothecium is and
  6. Monascus
  7. Histoplasma
  8. Cryptococcus

The Great Plains Lab offers a great test that can be used to determine if there are any mold toxins in your system. You can use this link to order the test.

We also need to check your environment. Exposure to mold is usually caused by your environment. It's therefore important to test your home for it.

While there are many different tests that you can use, this HERTSMI test is the most reliable. It detects various mold spores then calculates an environmental score. This will give you an idea about how toxic your environment is.



How do you treat mold toxicity?

Most people ask the question, "Is mold toxicity reversible?" While mold toxicity can often be reversed, it's almost impossible to reverse if the body has suffered severe damage.

To treat mold toxicities, you need to use a 3-pronged approach.

1) Destroying mold in your environment. First, you need to determine where mold is found in your environment. Mold could be present in your home, workplace, and other places you frequent. It is essential to identify the mold infested area and then remove yourself from it. Mold remediation can be performed if it's in your house or workplace to ensure you aren't exposed.

  1. Next, work to eliminate these mycotoxins. This is an extremely important step. However, if you don't do it correctly, it could make your brain feel numb.

A comprehensive protocol is required to remove mold toxins. This should only be done by a qualified functional medicine physician. I've seen many people attempt to eliminate mold toxins. They get worse because they don’t take all precautions. People don't always feel better when they can't get rid of all the mold toxins.

3) Addressing the root cause of your inflammation caused by mold toxins. A combination of anti-inflammatory foods and anti-inflammatory products that target mold toxicity is important.

  1. The final step is to optimize your detoxification systems so that you are not again exposed to mold toxins.

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Functional Medicine Treatment for Mold Toxicity

Mold illness can be treated when diagnosed promptly and correctly.

I am a functional medicine doctor and specialize in treating mold illness.

We would like to have a thorough conversation with you about your medical history in order to understand the extent mold toxicity in this body.

First, remove yourself from mold-related environments. Then, get rid of mycotoxins.

Mold illness is very real and can be severe, but it's been shown to have an immediate treatment that only an experienced Mold Doctor would know how to give. 

Have you been experiencing mold toxicity problems or suspecting? It's time to see a Functional Medicine doctor in Toledo and get your Mold Toxicity treated.


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