Cardiovascular disorder


Treat Cardiovascular disorder with Functional Medicine


Heart conditions are very common, and most people don’t know that several of these conditions can be reversed if we work on the root causes of heart conditions.

Cardiovascular disorder encompasses a range of conditions that influence and affect your heart health primarily due to blocked blood vessels in heart. This may result in heart attack, stroke, or chest pain when left untreated.


Cardiovascular disorder


While it's common knowledge that these disorders can mostly be prevented and corrected through proper dietary and lifestyle changes, the identification of the problem is generally delayed until a severe symptom is encountered.

So it's highly important to understand and identify the symptoms of cardiovascular diseases and get proper medical intervention before long.


Heart disease functional medicine treatment

Functional medicine focuses on identifying the root cause of the problem thus understanding the complexity of the disease. With the targeted manifestation of the disease in each person, we provide you with an exclusive treatment plan through dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, and supplementary medications.

Based on strong evidence, functional medicine has played a significant role in treating cardiovascular disease.

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