Dementia /Alzheimer’s


Treat Dementia /Alzheimer's with Functional Medicine


Alzheimer's disease is increasing at an alarming rate. Dementia / Alzheimer's is denoted by a person's loss of cognitive ability.

Symptoms of Dementia / Alzheimer's include impact on memory, communication, and performance of daily activities. Though the terms, Dementia and Alzheimer's are used interchangeably, Alzheimer's is actually the most common type of dementia.   


Treat Dementia /Alzeimer’s with Functional Medicine


It is estimated that more than 45% of elders are likely to suffer from dementia in years to come which is unfortunately untreatable by conventional medicine through medications.

But, with the last decade's development by Dr. Bredesen, Alzheimer's disease has been proven to be reversed by a functional medicine approach.

Through this approach, tons of mechanisms in your body responsible for the expression of Alzheimer's are studied and addressed systematically, thus improving your Alzheimer's altogether.


Dr.Gupta is trained in this advanced Bredesen protocol to help reverse Alzheimer's disease through an integrative and functional medicine approach.


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