Treat Allergies with Functional Medicine


Often people have several allergies to different things in their environment. But their allergy tests have not been useful or are not able to help them control it. Functional Medicine can be very helpful in controlling allergies. 


Seasonal allergies and common allergies can be miserable. Conventional medicine treats these allergies through pills and medications that will mask the symptoms but forgets to address the real root cause. Eventually, the allergies tend to occur again and again.




Dr. Gupta, as a functional medicine expert, analyses all your bodily functions that can be the cause for the allergies you are facing. Those root causes are addressed from the core so that your allergy symptoms are catered to in the right way.


The functional medicine approach considers all possible ways of healing your body by identifying the problem cause - be it food, environment or your lifestyle habits. We treat your entire body as a whole through various ways including elimination diet, nutrient supplements, stress management therapy, lifestyle changes, and so on.


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