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The Functional Medicine approach to health is the best way to improve your chronic conditions. This unique treatment plan takes into account every aspect of your body’s mechanisms. This means it helps not only with symptoms but also helps people reach their optimal state of wellbeing.

The functional medicine process will offer relief from all different types of chronic illnesses such as thyroid problems, gut problems, autoimmune diseases, etc through extensive programs that address a wide variety of factors including diet, gut bacteria, hormones, and more. 

Now, Dr. Anshul Gupta offers virtual functional medicine consultation, with which you can take functional medicine treatment from the comfort of your home in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Cincinnati, Ohio - Functional medicine consult


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Dr. Anshul Gupta is a board-certified functional medicine physician who worked at the Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine department where he has treated some of the most complicated patients. He has helped thousands of people overcome their struggles with thyroid issues, gut disorders, and autoimmune problems.


It’s no secret that Cincinnati struggles with chronic diseases. The city ranks at the top of several lists for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimer's - all ailments that come from living a modern lifestyle without giving your body enough time to recover. And it doesn't help when conventional physicians are still trying to figure out their best solutions. 


There are many people who want to do more for their health and not just rely on prescription medications. This is where Functional medicine can help with your disease by providing a holistic approach to controlling chronic diseases.

Virtual functional medicine consultation at Cincinnati, Ohio

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Functional medicine has changed the lives of thousands and it is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional medicines in America. It provides an all-encompassing evaluation that will provide holistic treatment plans for patients, which can be more beneficial in some instances than other types of treatments.

Through an advanced testing protocol, functional medicine doctors can provide you with a lot more information about your body than conventional tests. They'll be able to find the possible food reactions and devise for you what's the best diet plan that will work on it & much more.



If you're struggling with a chronic health condition and want to know the root cause of your disease, or what else can you do in order to control it better by improving your health. Or if you've been going through symptoms that nobody has answers for. Then working with a functional medicine doctor will be necessary! A functional medicine doctor will be able to partner up and provide treatment plan options so please don't hesitate to contact one as soon as possible so they can help take care of this problem right away.


If you are looking for a Functional Medicine Doctor in Cincinnati, with proper certification & experience, then you can get a virtual consultation with Dr. Gupta.


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Yes Dr. Gupta makes personalized functional medicine plans for each and every client that he sees. He feels that every patient has different genetic make up, and that means we all need different plans. And this is where his approach is different from others.

No the cost of working with Dr. Gupta is not covered by insurance. Majority of the insurance companies are currently not covering several of the Functional Medicine supplements and testing cost and that's the reason we are not participating with any insurance companies.

Yes, Dr. Gupta order tests that checks for different kinds fo toxins.These tests can check for heavy metals, mold toxins, and also environmental toxins in your body.

Yes, Dr. Gupta order advanced testing to check for food sensitivity. This is a special test which checks which foods your body is sensitive to.

Yes, Dr. Ansul Gupta has a virtual Functional Medicine practice and you can get a virtual functional medicine consultation with him right from your home in Cincinnati.

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