Advanced Nutritional Planning


Advanced Nutrition Planing


We all have heard about “Food is medicine". But it is so confusing these days to figure out what is the best diet for you. There are numerous diets in the market and each one claims to be better than the other. 

Advanced nutritional planning is a powerful cornerstone to functional medicine. It uses food as a natural medicine to help restore balance, replete nutrient deficiencies, heal the gut, and more.

What we offer is advanced nutritional planning for our clients. Here we take into account several things to make the perfect diet plan for the client. 


Dr.Gupta helps with the advanced nutritional planning and his trained nutritionist help implement the plan. 

Various aspects of advanced nutritional planning are:

  1. It’s Personalized: Now as I mentioned above that there are several diets in the market. Every diet has some characteristics and is geared towards a subset of people. But what is most important is to know what is the best diet plan for you. Because each and every person’s dietary needs is separate and we need to focus on individualized dietary plan. At AnshulGuptaMD that’s what we do. We take into account the various individual needs of our clients and then sit together to make a diet plan that is right for them. We do a comprehensive evaluation of your body needs, labs, and medical history to guide us in making the perfect diet plan for you. This diet plan is personalized to be right for you and your body. 
  2. Research-based: Dr.Gupta has researched several diseases and the diets that are best suited for them. Each and every diet plan that has been prepared has research reasoning behind it. And that’s the reason our diet plans is the most up to date and thorough. We update our diet plans according to the latest research. 
  3. Customized for you: Every person has different dietary preferences. Some people are vegetarian or vegan or have allergies to different foods. Our diet plans take into all these considerations and honor the dietary preferences of our clients. Most of the diet plans can be customized to the dietary preferences of our clients, and we try to have replacements. 
  4. Helping with Implementation: We not only give you the diet plan, we hello you implement it. Literally, we help you plan your meals and offer recipes to make it easier for you. We handhold you during this time so that you succeed in it. What we have noticed is that people often know what things to eat but nobody has actually helped them to implement the diet plan in their life. We help you to implement the diet plan in your life, and also offer ideas for when you are on the go or traveling.



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