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Functional Medicine can be your answer to your chronic health conditions. Functional medicine incorporates the latest research in the field of health into its programs. Through their in-depth protocols, functional medicine can not only improve your symptoms but also help you to reach optimal health.

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 Consult Functional Medicine Doctor in Houston 


Dr. Anshul Gupta is a board-certified Family Physician. Dr. Gupta worked at the MD Anderson cancer center’s Integrative medicine department in Houston, Texas. He worked on a research project about various interactions that supplements might have with cancer medications.

It was after working at the Integrative Medicine department that Dr. Gupta’s interest in Functional medicine and integrative medicine started. And he went on to do both, a fellowship in Integrative medicine and a certification course in Functional Medicine.


He then worked at the Cleveland Clinic and dealt with some of the most complicated patients. He specializes in helping people with thyroid disorders, gut disorders, and autoimmune issues. He has helped thousands of people to regain their life back.


Public health data about Houston shows that chronic diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s are the leading cause of death. The rate of chronic diseases has been increasing steadily in Houston. And the worse part is that conventional medicine is still trying to find the best solution to manage these chronic diseases.

There are several people who are looking for answers and want to do more for their health. They don’t want to keep pumping more and more medicines to control their disease. This is where functional medicine comes as a savior because it can help you to control your chronic disease in a more holistic fashion.


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Functional medicine provides you a more in-depth evaluation and makes a holistic plan. This approach has changed the lives of thousands of people and that’s the reason functional medicine is the fastest-growing field of medicine in the USA.

Functional medicine doctors do advanced testing which gives us much more information about your body than the conventional tests. These tests help us direct which might be the best diet for you, they can tell us which food your body might be reacting to, etc. This in-depth testing allows us to make a personalized plan which is right for you.


So if you are dealing with a chronic health condition and want to know the root cause of your disease. Or you want to know what else can you do to control your disease better or improve your health. Or you are going through symptoms that nobody has answers to. Then you need to work with a functional medicine doctor, who can partner with you and provide you with the latest treatment plan options.



If you are looking for a Functional Medicine Doctor in Houston, who has the right training and experience, then you can get a virtual consultation with Dr. Gupta.


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Functional medicine is also called root cause medicine, as it helps to identify the underlying cause of a person’s medical issues. It is a systematic approach that makes personalized plans based on science.

There are several diets that can be helpful for people. But it is important to know your body’s make up and then choose the right diet. This is what Dr. Gupta does in his initial visit, by doing a in-depth evaluation he figures what will be the best diet for your body.

Currently the insurance companies are restricting what functional medicine physicians can do for their clients. This interferes with providing the best care to their clients. That's the reason we are not able to except insurance at the present moment.

No the cost of working with Dr. Gupta is not covered by insurance. Majority of the insurance companies are currently not covering several of the Functional Medicine supplements and testing cost and that's the reason we are not participating with any insurance companies.

Yes, Dr. Gupta has a virtual Functional Medicine practice and you can get a virtual functional medicine consultation with him if you're living in Houston.

Yes Dr. Gupta is a certified Functional Medicine doctor. He has been certified with the Institute of functional medicine.

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