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After completing my Family Medicine residency, I got an awesome job of working with people of rural Virginia. During this time I started having some health-related issues. I started having abdominal pain, fatigue, weight issues and lost my mental clarity.

Initially, I thought it would be mild stomach upset from my diet but it continued to progress and I was having daily symptoms, of acid reflux, severe pains, and sleepless nights.

On few occasions, the pain was so severe that it caused me to double over, and I thought about going to the ER, but then I thought the Emergency Department wouldn’t do much except for giving pain medications. I didn’t want any pain medications so decided to go through the agonising pain at home on my own.

After going through this ordeal for a few months, I started getting concerned about the possibility of a stomach ulcer, cancer, celiac disease, IBS, IBD.

So, I finally decided to see my Gastroenterologist friend and he suggested to get an upper GI endoscopy and other blood tests. All of those tests were again negative, but my symptoms were persistent and nobody had an answer for me, other than just take PPI “to control the symptoms”.



This was the point when I understood the condition of those people who do not find answers to their health issues, and who are often told to just keep taking the medications, which truly don’t help; and then eventually they’re told, the problem is just in their head. I knew it was not in my head and that something was wrong with me but I couldn’t explain it to others.

After about a year of difficulties, I decided to take charge of my health and started to look into a non-conventional approach to heal me. So while looking for non-conventional alternatives to my health problems, I decided to try the Functional Medicine approach for my health issues.

I changed my diet drastically, removed a lot of pro-inflammatory foods, and introduced foods that support gut healing. I started taking some basic supplements to support my body, started a movement program, which included cardio and yoga exercises.

Also started with a meditation routine. And within 3 weeks of starting the program, my symptoms were dramatically better.

This different approach and the positive health results that I saw totally boggled my mind.

During this time I got my energy back, regained my mental clarity, was pain-free, and lost over 40 lbs.I also had eczema issues, frequent skin infections and also had allergy issues and they all improved significantly.

Later when I was working in the Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine department I saw similar symptoms in patients with Thyroid dysfunction. They had seen several doctors in their life and were on medications but they were still brain fog, tired, in pain and gaining weight.

Several of them have been told that these symptoms were in their head. I totally resonated with them and decided to help them.

I started researching for ways to help them and developed a protocol to help them. After months I was able to come with a protocol that was actually working. And these thyroid patients who had unresolved symptoms for their entire life started getting better.

This was the point I decided I need to share this information with more people and help as many people as I can.

It felt like I found my life’s purpose and this was to help as many people with thyroid disorder to regain their life back.

And that’s what I am doing now to help people through a protocol that helps regain their life back from dreadful thyroid symptoms.

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