Hashimoto's Disease

What is Hashimoto’s Disease? 


Hashimoto’s disease is an autoimmune condition of the thyroid gland where your body starts producing antibodies against thyroid tissue. These antibodies start to slow the destruction of your thyroid gland. This destruction of the thyroid gland ultimately leads to hypothyroidism or low thyroid condition. Here your thyroid is no longer able to produce enough thyroid hormone and this leads to the development of various symptoms. Hashimoto’s disease is the most common autoimmune disease. It most commonly affects middle-aged women mainly in the age range of 30 and 50-year age.


What are Hashimoto’s Symptoms?


The most common Hashimoto’s disease symptoms that people have are:

  • Weight gain or difficulty in losing weight
  • Fatigue
  • Brain fog 
  • Constipation
  • Hair issues 
  • Feeling cold 
  • Mood changes like depression, anxiety
  • Menstrual problems like irregular periods or heavy periods 
  • Infertility problems
  • Chronic pain especially in muscles and joints 
  • Dry and rough skin 
  • Swelling especially around eyes and face



How is Hashimoto’s Disease Diagnosed? 


Hashimoto's disease is best diagnosed based on blood work. The following are the types of Hashimoto’s disease test that can be done. 


  1. Thyroid hormone levels: The most basic screening blood work is doing TSH. If the levels of TSH are high, that signifies hypothyroidism and also Hashimoto’s disease. But it is also important to check for other thyroid hormone levels like T4 and T3, and reverse T3. 
  2. Thyroid antibodies: Hashimotos is often missed because physicians will only check TSH and don’t check the thyroid antibodies. The two antibodies to get checked for Hashimoto’s disease are TPO (thyroid peroxidase antibody) and thyroglobulin antibodies. Three antibody levels will be elevated with Hashimoto disease. 


Conventional Treatment of Hashimoto’s 

Hashimoto’s ultimately causes hypothyroidism or low thyroid hormone, so the conventional way treatment is to start people on levothyroxine. 


But unfortunately, this treatment doesn’t work and most people continue to suffer from symptoms. 



Functional Medicine Approach to Hashimoto’s. 

 As Hashimoto’s disease is an interplay between genetics and environmental factors, if we address environmental factors it can help to control Hashimoto’s diseases better. Functional Medicine works on identifying the real reason why you got Hashimoto’s. And once we are able to identify the root cause of your Hashimoto’s then a plan is devised to reverse it. 


A functional Medicine plan includes — 


  1. Dietary factors: a special Hashimoto’s diet that Dr. Gupta has made and helped thousands of patients with it. 
  2. Stress: stress reduction helps improve thyroid symptoms. 
  3. Supplements: The right supplements for your body and based on a full assessment
  4. Advanced lab testing: By doing advanced lab testing we can find the root cause of your Hashimoto’s. And by addressing the root cause we can reverse your Hashimoto’s and can help you to get rid of it. 


If you are interested in reversing your Hashimoto’s then you need to work with Dr. Gupta. As he has helped several patients to reverse their Hashimoto’s and has helped them to get their life back. 

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Is it Really Possible To Reverse Hashimoto's? 

Yes, it is absolutely possible to reverse Hashimoto's. Why don't you hear it from a person who was able to reverse her Hashimoto's after working with Dr. Gupta. Please click the link below to watch a client sharing her story about her journey of working with Dr. Gupta and how she was able to reverse her Hashimoto's. 


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