Mold Toxicity


Treat Mold Toxicity with Functional Medicine

Mold toxicity has become a very common reason for several chronic diseases. 

When you are exposed to mycotoxins, a toxin released by a certain type of mold, your body may react adversely causing various disorders in your body.


Mold toxicity symptoms

Mycotoxins can cause extensive symptoms like

  • Loss of sleep
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Kidney problems
  • Skin disorders
  • Autoimmune diseases

How do you get exposed to mold?

So mold exposure happens through the environment around us, especially the buildings. 

These can be your present house, or old house, or your workplace, or a hotel you stayed in. 

Research has shown that buildings that had even one incidence of any kind of brain damage have mold spores in them. 

How does mold affect your health?

So mold toxins lead to inflammation in your body which ultimately causes various health disorders including thyroid and others. 

Mold toxins overwhelm your detox system and lead to very slow inflammation. And ultimately one day your body gives up and leads to different diseases. 

Now conventional medicine recognizes that mold can cause medical issues, but new research is very clear that mold toxins lead to various diseases. 

Can you Test for mold?

Not all mold species are toxic to your system, so it is important to check for the right mold toxins in your body.



Yes, there is a great test by the Great plains lab which you can do to check for mold toxins in your system. You can use this link to order the test. 

The other thing we need to test is your environment. Because exposure to mold generally happens from your environment so its important to check your house for it. 

There are several tests available but one that has given the best results is this HERTSMI test. It checks for various mold spores and then calculates a score to give you an idea of how toxic is your environment. 


Can you get rid of mold toxins?

Yes, I have helped several people to get rid of mold toxins and reverse their health issues. 

Removing mold toxins requires a comprehensive protocol, and should be done only with a qualified functional medicine physician. I have seen so many people trying to get rid of mold toxins and they get even sicker as they are not following all the precautions needed. And most often people are not able to get rid of mold toxins completely from their system, and they don't feel better. 

As a functional medicine doctor, I specialize in testing and treating mold illness.

We would have a detailed conversation with you about your medical history and understand the extent of mold toxicity in your body.

Probably the first step of treatment would be to remove you from the environment of mold exposure and a further healing plan will be to get rid of the mycotoxins that have already entered your body.

Suspecting a mold illness in your body? Get answers from Dr. Gupta, a functional medicine expert.

 Treat mold toxicity with a functional medicine doctor 

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