Gut Health

Start Here for personalized Functional medicine gut healing protocols

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Thyroid Health

Start Here for Functional Medicine approach to Thyroid Health /Hashimoto’s

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Autoimmune Disease

Start Here Reverse Autoimmune Disease with our Functional Medicine protocols

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Reclaim Your Health with Dr. Anshul Gupta


Dr. Anshul Gupta is a former Cleveland Clinic Functional Medicine doctor and is now on a mission to help 1 Billion people around the globe improve their health.

Dr. Gupta’s Trainings –

+ Board Certified Family Medicine Physician.

+ Functional Medicine Doctor, trained from Institute of Functional Medicine.

+ Integrative Medicine Doctor, trained from The Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine.

+ Peptide Therapy Trained Physician from A4M

Dr. Gupta is a Thyroid Specialist, he helps people with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and Gut Health.

He believes in empowering the patient. Dr. Anshul Gupta makes easy to follow personalized functional medicine plan.

His commitment was recognized for the same when he was awarded the Best Doctor in 2018 in the Norther Neck area, Virginia.

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What We Treat

Thyroid Disorder

Get treated for thyroid disorders like Hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s, Hyperthyroidism, Graves disease, thyroid nodules with functional medicine expert.

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Adrenal dysfunction

Cure Adrenal dysfunction issues with Functional medicine expert by addressing the root cause of your problem

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Weight and metabolic disorder

Lose weight naturally and cure all your metabolic disorders with the help of functional medicine protocols.

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Female hormone disorders

Suffering from PMS, PCOD, Infertility, Menopause, or bioidentical hormone management? Resolve these issues through a holistic functional medicine treatment.

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Unresolved symptoms of muscle pain, tenderness, and fatigue. Cure Fibromyalgia with functional medicine.

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Reactivated Epstein Barr Virus (EBV) infection

Reactivated EBV infection is responsible for several autoimmune diseases and also unresolved symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, frequent infections. 

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Mast Cell Activation Syndrome

MCAS is a condition in which people experience hives, rashes, diarrhea, abdominal cramping, vomiting, urticaria, passing out, tachycardia, etc. A comprehensive plan can be useful to treat it.

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Infertility issues

Infertility issues are on a rise, and several females are not able to conceive owing to various reasons. Functional Medicine goes to the root of the problem and helps people conceive naturally.

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Diabetes is an epidemic and most people have no idea what to do to control it without lifelong medications.

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10+ Medical Trainings

Served Patients from 11 countries

14 + Years of Experience

Worked at world's #2 hospital

Customer Reviews

Dr. Gupta was able to identify the underlying causes of my chronic health conditions. Since working with him my quali... Read More

Fred T

“Pediatric Patient”

Dr. Gupta has made a difference in our daughter’s life. Our family was overwhelmed with navigating what diet to provi... Read More

Patient Parents

Hello, I have cut down on gluten(90%) and started eating Brazil nuts every day. Also cut down on oily and fried food... Read More


Services Offered

Functional Medicine Consultation

Cure your chronic health conditions and improve your unresolved sym...

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Peptide Therapy

Cure several health conditions by targeting specific sites in your...

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Integrative Medicine Consultation

Integrative Medicine Consults focuses on a whole body approach and...

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Advanced Lab Testing

Advanced lab tests can help identify the root cause of your problem...

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Advanced Nutritional Planning

Functional Medicine nutritionist helps you make advanced food plans...

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Health Coaching

Health coaches are people who help you implement the plan prepared...

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