Advanced Lab Testing


Advanced Lab Testing


Advanced diagnostic testing is one of the major components that sets Functional Medicine apart from the conventional medical model. Functional medicine testing gives us deeper insight into the root cause(s) of your health challenges so we can help you feel your best even if you have or before you develop a chronic disease.

Advanced testing, in many cases, is seen as the “backbone” of Functional Diagnostic Medicine (FDM), as it provides direction and a path to identifying the underlying dysfunction and the cause(s) of the symptoms.


Several patients have not been fully assessed and that's the reason they never get better. With advanced functional medicine testing, we are able to identify whats the underlying root cause of their problem. Once the problem is identified it becomes easier to make an individualized plan to fix it. 
Dr.Gupta accessing every patient and then identifies what advanced testing she will need to understand what's really going on with them. 

1. Advanced Thyroid Testing

Often thyroid is not completely tested and most often the reason why the thyroid is not properly treated. With an advanced thyroid panel, we can help manage the thyroid properly. 

2. Food allergy and Food sensitivity

Food is medicine, but food can also be your entry at times. More and more people are relating that they are sensitive to food around them. Now the problem is sometimes it is very difficult to point which food might be the problem. This is where food sensitivity tests are useful because they test the IgG antibodies against hundreds of common food. This test can give us an idea how much your body is reacting to these foods. Now it is very important to know these tests are very different from the regular food allergy tests. 

3. Advanced comprehensive stool testing

To screen for beneficial bacteria status, pathogenic bacteria, yeast overgrowth, parasites, intestinal inflammatory markers dysbiosis, leaky gut, and antibiotic-resistant genes.

4. Intestinal Permeability Assessment

This tests checks if you have a leaky gut or not. Leaky gut is the core reason for people developing various autoimmune diseases. Please read this blog post to know more about leaky gut. 

5. Breath Testing For small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO).

SIBO is a Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. This is the most common reason for people to have gut symptoms like constipation, bloating, abdominal pain. This test not only tells us whether you have SIBO or not, but will also tell what kind of SIBO. 

6. Adrenal Stress Index

This test tells about the functioning of the adrenal gland. This test will tell us whether you have adrenal fatigue. 

7. Micronutrient Testing

Most of us are deficient in one or more vitamins or minerals. Standard lab testing for nutrients is outdated and that's the reason they don't offer much help. This functional medicine micronutrients testing checks for the majority of the vitamins and minerals that your body need to functioning properly. 

8. Heavy Metal Testing

Heavy metals toxins are a major reason for causing various chronic health issues like thyroid, gut, autoimmune problems etc. This heavy metals testing checks for heavy metals in your urine, which is more accurate and gives us the total amount of toxic metals in your body. 

9. Mold toxins testing 

Mold toxins are another important toxins present in your body. Current research is suggesting that mold toxins might be playing a big role in the emergence of the thyroid and autoimmune problems. It is very important to check the amount of mold toxins present in your body. Currently, conventional labs don't offer this test. 

10. Hormone Testing

11. Genetic Testing

12. Oxidative Stress Profile



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