Chronic Fatigue Treatment Northern Virginia

Even though you get great rest, you feel tired all the while. Chronic fatigue could be caused by fatigue, memory loss or other symptoms.

It's normal to feel tired. It's normal to feel tired and tired. This should not be a problem. Functional medicine is a natural way to manage chronic fatigue.

What is Chronic Fatigue?

Chronic fatigue is persistent tiredness that doesn't go away or decrease even after getting a good night of sleep. A decrease in your quality of life can be caused by fatigue.

Chronic fatigue can be caused by malnutrition or other factors.

Mitochondria is the powerhouse of all cells within our bodies. It is responsible to break down food particles and provide energy to our cells. If mitochondria don't function properly, your body won't have enough energy. This can cause fatigue and other problems.


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Chronic Fatigue Symptoms

It's common to feel tired. It is important to differentiate between regular and chronic tiredness.

These are just a few symptoms of chronic fatigue.

  • You feel tired and worn out most days
  • Difficulty remembering, concentrating and taking decisions
  • Brain fog
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Quality sleep is essential
  • Digestive problems
  • Muscle pain, joint discomfort and stiffness
  • Headaches of a different kind, severity or pattern

These symptoms can last for days or even years. They may disrupt your day to day activities, like work, family, and social engagements.

If fatigue seems to last longer than usual, it is important to treat it.



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Causes for chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue can be caused by many factors, including mitochondrial dysfunction. These are the most common causes for chronic fatigue.

  • Mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Toxins like heavy metals, mold, and environmental toxins.
  • Infections
  • Subsequent Inflammation
  • Leaky gut

Chronic fatigue is a condition conventional medicine does not currently know about. There is no specific treatment. Functional medicine employs advanced testing to identify the root cause for chronic fatigue.

Functional medicine treatment for Chronic Fatigue

Functional medicine focuses on treating the root cause for chronic fatigue. To determine the root cause of chronic fatigue, advanced lab testing is necessary. Once the cause has been identified, we can create a comprehensive treatment plan to address chronic fatigue. This plan includes lifestyle changes, specific food plans, optimizing sleep, exercise routines, and supplements.



Functional medicine refers to a method of restoring mitochondria function by detoxification, immune system boosting, and lifestyle changes. This allows them produce maximum energy.

Functional medicine practitioners can help with chronic fatigue.


The most important step in treating chronic fatigue is to cleanse your body. If your organs are clean of toxic substances such as pesticides or heavy metals, you will have a better chance of getting rid of them. Your energy levels will also increase.

Diet changes

Functional medicine considers what you eat as a key element in the treatment of most diseases. You can heal your body by avoiding sugary sweets and processed foods.

Lifestyle changes

Change your lifestyle is the best way to heal. Functional Medicine doctors will spend time getting to know you and making lifestyle recommendations.


Supplements are external aids that can help your body heal faster. It is crucial to determine the source of the problem and then add the appropriate supplements. There are many supplements available, but not all of them are effective for fatigue. It is crucial to know which supplements work best for you. Functional medicine specialists can help you select the best supplements to reverse your condition.

It is crucial to seek medical attention immediately if you experience any alarming symptoms.

Functional medicine doctors can help identify the root cause and develop a treatment plan.

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