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Health coaches are people who help you implement the plan prepared by your clinician. They are specifically trained in the concepts of functional medicine and make the client's journey successful. This is exactly the reason health coaches are becoming more and more popular because they are playing a pivotal role in changing people’s lives. 


A coach is a person who fully listens to her clients and works with them to achieve their health goals. She will offer support, accountability, resources that are required by the client. 

Functional Medicine health coaches are taught to help their clients find their internal motivations and driving forces so they can build confidence and take ownership and responsibility for their health and happiness.






In our practice coaches work directly with the doctor and are aware of the functional medicine plan made for the patient. The health coaches help to implement the individualized functional medicine plan that the doctors make.


Making changes necessary to get you on your healing journey is not easy and we understand that. Our health coaches make it easier for you to reach your goals by providing the right support that you need in this journey.


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