Adrenal dysfunction


Treat Adrenal Dysfunction with Functional Medicine


Adrenal glands are your “stress glands”, they help you in fight and flight response. They play a vital role in stress management and aid you in properly reacting to daily life situations.

What is adrenal dysfunction?

Due to some reasons like infections, illness, or temporary stress, these adrenal glands can become exhausted and not work properly. This may lead to fatigue, body pain, brain fog, weight problems, decreased immunity.

You would face a massive energy loss when your stress levels are not balanced.


adrenal dysfunction


Adrenal dysfunction functional medicine doctor

Unlike normal approach where mostly your adrenal gland issues are overlooked and medication is given to mask your fatigue or stress symptoms, in functional medicine adrenal testing is thoroughly done. 

We hear from you with patience about what you are facing and find in detail the root cause of your problem.


Once we devise a treatment plan to fix the real cause behind your adrenal malfunction, your symptoms will automatically diminish.


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