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Consult Dr. Gupta for Functional Medicine. Dr. Gupta specializes in Hashimoto's thyroditis treatment.
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Why choose Dr. Gupta's Functional Medicine Practice?

Dr. Anshul  Gupta is Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, with advanced certification in Functional Medicine, Peptide therapy and also fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine. He has worked at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Department of Functional Medicine as staff physician alongside Dr. Mark Hyman. He now specializes in treating Hashimoto’s disease and help people reverse their unresolved symptoms of thyroid dysfunction.

Consultation with Dr. Anshul Gupta

Initial Exam & First Follow Up Visit

Includes 2 sessions with Dr. Gupta

30-minute Initial Assessment

30-minute First Follow-Up Visit

In the Initial Assessment Dr. Gupta will—

Review Your health and medical history

Access your current diet and lifestyle

Review previous medications, previous lab tests and supplements

Find the root cause and discuss the history of on-set of you health concerns

The goal of this visit is to prepare a personalized functional medicine plan, to address your health problems.

In the First Follow Up Visit Dr. Gupta will—

Explain what he thinks is the cause of your current health problems.

Help with implementation of the personalized functional medicine plan that Dr. Gupta makes for you.

Discuss new dietary and lifestyle changes to resolve the health issues you’re facing.

Discuss supplements needed to support your body to reduce your health issues, and to improve quality of life.

Recommend advanced testing if needed, to identify any hidden causes.


Subsequent Follow Up Visits

approx. 30-minute First Follow-Up Visit

*Flexible Payment Plans Available, please inquire

What do Dr. Gupta's clients have to say about him!

” Dr. Gupta was able to identify the underlying causes of my chronic health conditions. Since working with him my quality of life has improved significantly. “

-Fred T. 

” Dr. Gupta has made a difference in our daughter’s life. Our family was overwhelmed with navigating what diet to provide our young daughter who was struggling with digestive issues. Dr. Gupta directed us to a diet and supplements that have helped support her to good health. Seeing our our daughter happy and feeling well is the greatest gift. Thank you for helping our daughter Dr. Gupta.”

– Pediatric Patient (name not disclosed)

“Hello, I have cut down on gluten(90%) and started eating Brazil nuts every day. Also cut down on oily and fried food (95%). Already feeling better, and have successfully managed to exercise for days in 15 days. And already lost 3 kgs.(recorded on empty stomach). Your videos and blogs have helped me a lot. I am trying to cut down unhealthy stuff completely. The best part is that I am feeling better as brain fog has reduced to a significant level. I am feeling less stressed and it encourages me to be consistent”


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