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If you have chronic medical problems or unsolved symptoms that nobody can help you with, this is where a functional medicine doctor can help you. Functional medicine is the root cause medicine, which means that it helps people to heal from within.

Conventional medicine has no solutions to chronic medical issues, and sadly taking more drugs is not the solution to the current problems. Functional Medicine Doctors have helped thousands of patients not only to get rid of their symptoms but also to cure their illnesses.

Now you can get Functional Medicine treatment right from the comfort of your home in Miami, Florida with Dr. Anshul Gupta.



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Dr. Anshul Gupta is a Licensed Family Physician with advanced certification in Functional Medicine from IFM, a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine, and also a Peptide Therapy Certified from A4M. He has served at the prestigious Cleveland ClinicFunctional Medicine Department in Cleveland.

His approach is clear to find the root cause of the illness, and then to make a strategy to reverse it. He's now on a journey to help 1 million people around the globe get rid of their medical problems. Now he specializes in thyroid disorders, digestive problems, and autoimmune problems. His specific interest was in different forms of toxins that contributed to the creation of these diseases, in particular heavy metals such as lead, mercury, mold toxins, and environmental toxins.



Your Functional Medicine doctor will become your partner on this healing journey and will help you on this journey. This journey can be difficult at times because it requires an effort from your end to make transformations to your life. But the best part of working with Dr. Gupta is that he's managed to help several people like you get better, so he's giving you the best possible support and resources to succeed.

Regular doctors hardly spend 10-15 minutes with you when you go to the clinic to see them, while Dr. Anshul Gupta spends at least an hour sometimes more to understand your health in detail.

Dr. Anshul Gupta goes into the details of your health history to identify the root causes of the disease. Then, after identifying the root causes of your health problem, a comprehensive plan is put in place. This plan includes special dietary habits, stress management, exercise plans, sleep improvement, as well as natural supplements. Research has now shown that the outcome of Functional Medicine physicians with their patients is better than conventional care.

Data from public health authorities in Miami show that chronic diseases are the leading causes of death in Broward County. Chronic diseases include heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and thyroid and intestinal disorders. This is where a functional medicine doctor can be effective because he or she is working on the root cause of the problem and can help reverse chronic diseases.



So if you're looking for a Functional Medicine Doctor in Miami who has the right qualifications and experience, you can get a virtual consultation with Dr. Gupta.


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Conventional medicine is mainly treating the diseases on the surface. conventional medicine uses only pharmaceutical medicines which treats the disease on the surface, and doesn't provide long lasting benefit. While functional medicine identifies the underlying cause, and this gives a permanent relief from the symptoms.

Yes Dr. Gupta utilizes natural ways to treat his clients. These includes lifestyle changes, special diets, supplements, herbs.

Yes, Dr. Gupta uses holistic ways to treat his clients. He makes comprehensive plans which includes personalized diet plans, quality supplements, and advanced testing.

Yes, Dr. Gupta uses advanced functional medicine testing to identify the root causes of their clients problems. This testing includes food sensitivity, toxins, infections, hormonal testing.

Yes, Dr. Ansul Gupta has a virtual Functional Medicine practice and you can get a virtual functional medicine consultation with him right from your home in Miami.

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