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In Hashimoto’s disease zinc also play an important role in controlling the underlying inflammation.  Zinc is responsible for a healthy immune system and Zinc deficiency often leads to a poor immune system.  This poor immune system is not able to fight different kinds of viruses,  bacteria, and parasites and that leads to the triggering of Hashimoto’s.  It has been shown through research that Hashimoto’s patients have a higher amount of reactive oxygen species in their blood and Zinc supplementation has helped to reduce the number of reactive oxygen species.  So this is another way zinc supplementation plays an important role in improving thyroid function.  


One of the major underlying problems for Hashimoto’s patients is Leaky gut.  The new research suggests that the Leaky gut is the underlying reason which starts the process of autoimmunity in thyroid patients.  Zinc is responsible for maintaining the healthy gut lining and deficiency of zinc is responsible for causing Leaky gut.  Through zinc supplementation, we improve not only thyroid health as well as gut health and also improve the immunity of the Gut. 









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