Why Should You See a Functional Medicine Doctor?


Functional Medicine is a new age medicine system that is based on solid scientific evidence and helps people to reverse their chronic diseases.

Functional Medicine is the fastest-growing field of medicine in the USA currently. The reason being conventional medicine doesn’t have answers to chronic medical issues like thyroid, diabetes, gut problems, fatigue, etc.

Several years ago few doctors realized that conventional medicine was great for acute care but didn’t have solutions for chronic medical issues. This lead to the birth of Functional Medicine, where doctors work with their patients to identify the underlying cause of their medical issues and help them reversing it. 


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What Do Functional Medicine Doctors Do? 


In the last decade, there has been a big increase in the number of people suffering from chronic diseases. And this situation is going to get worse in the coming years. The top reasons for people to die in the USA are chronic health conditions.

And the worst part is that the current medical system doesn’t have a way to help. Conventional medicine is trying to put bandaids on these chronic health conditions but is not working on the real causes of these diseases.

This is what a Functional Medicine Doctor does, he acts as a detective and finds the root cause of your medical condition and then helps to fix it. 


What do a functional medicine doctor do


Current research suggests that most chronic diseases are because of lifestyle factors that our body gets exposed to on regular basis. They have identified a few factors, but in Functional Medicine, we have identified many more factors that are responsible for causing chronic diseases. Functional Medicine physician uses advanced lab testing to identify those root causes and helps you reverse them. 


When you go to your regular doctor he hardly spends 10-15 minutes with you, while a functional medicine physician spends at least an hour sometimes more, to understand your health condition in detail.

A Functional Medicine Doctor goes into the detail of your health history to identify the root causes. Then after identifying the root causes of your health problem, the Functional Medicine Physician makes a comprehensive plan. This plan includes special diet plans, stress management, exercise plans, sleep optimization, and also natural supplements.

Research has now shown that Functional Medicine doctors outcome with their patients is better than conventional care. 


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Are Functional Doctors Legitimate?


This is a very common question that people tend to ask when they are about to see a functional medicine doctor. And the answer is Yes, Functional Medicine doctors are completely legitimate.

In fact, most of Functional Medicine doctors go to medical school to get conventional training, and then they do advanced training in Functional Medicine. Now, this is where it is very important to do your own research and look at the credentials of the Functional Medicine Doctor you plan to see. Because there are several doctors who pose themselves as functional medicine doctors but in fact, they are not trained properly.

When you are seeing a Functional Medicine Physician you are getting a physician who can suggest the best treatment plan by combining the conventional and Functional Medicine approach. It's not that conventional medicine is all bad, but through a Functional Medicine Physician, you get more options to treat your condition. 


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Why Are Functional Medicine Doctors So Expensive? 


One of the reasons why seeing Functional Medicine Physicians can feel expensive is that it is not covered by insurance. Yes unfortunately our current insurance system doesn’t cover Functional Medicine Treatment.  This scares several people who are thinking about working with a Functional Medicine Doctor. 

why are Functional medicine doctors so expensive

But in the long run, the Functional Medicine model of care will be less expensive as compared to conventional care. The reason being conventional medicine is sick care, so you will continue to be sick and your health is going to deteriorate.

While with Functional Medicine your health continues to get better, and that way you get less sick and don’t have to spend so much on healthcare expenses. 


And it’s not only about the cost, it’s about the quality of life. When people work with Functional Medicine Physician their quality of life improves dramatically and they are able to live their life to the fullest. 


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How To Find A Functional Medicine Physician


As I said before it is very important that you do your research before hiring a Functional Medicine Physician for your care.

It is very important that you find a Functional Medicine Physician who has done the highest quality training in Functional Medicine and has the right credentials.

You don’t want to work with a person who is not trained completely as that can really harm your health. In fact, one of the most common reasons people come to see me is that they have worked previously with a so-called “Functional Medicine Expert” and didn’t get any results.

So it's important to look for credentials of the Functional Medicine Doctor you plan to work with and who has previously worked with people like you. 


How to find a functional medicine doctor


The good news for you is that you can easily find the right functional medicine physician by going to the Institute of Functional Medicine ( IFM )  website. IFM currently holds the highest standards for training Functional Medicine physicians, and you can go to this link to find a certified functional medicine practitioner with them. 

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Suffering from a chronic disease like thyroid, gut problem, weight issues, autoimmune issues, etc... is not easy. Dr. Gupta is a certified Functional Medicine Physician and his personalized plans have helped thousands of people to reclaim their health back.

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