Thyroid vs Adrenal- Which is Your Problem


Inside: Know what is Adrenal gland and why is it important. Symptoms of Adrenal dysfunction and the difference between Thyroid dysfunction and adrenal dysfunction. At the end, know what are the therapies that helps with these problems.

Thyroid disorders namely hypothyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease come with a host of symptoms. These symptoms vary greatly from person to person and can vary in intensity also.

The most common symptoms associated with hypothyroidism are weight gain, fatigue, brain fog, skin problems, hair loss/thinning, mood changes, depression, anxiety, constipation, cold intolerance. 

Adrenal dysfunction is another problem that is on the rise. The problem is that the thyroid symptoms and adrenal fatigue symptoms often overlap. And people are left confused about which dysfunction they should work on because they don’t know what they have.

So it is important to differentiate between the two so you can make a proper treatment plan for yourself. 

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Adrenal glands are you’re what I call as your de-stress glands. Typically adrenal glands have been associated with our body’s ability to respond to stress. There is a subtle connection that exists between the thyroid and adrenal gland and that one affects the other. 

But most people have this question whether they have adrenal dysfunction or they have thyroid dysfunction. Here in this article we are going to explore further what it means to have these dysfunctions and how can you differentiate the two.

Adrenal Glands and Their Importance

Adrenal glands are small glands that are situated right above your kidneys. These are small glands,  but they are one of the most important organs of our body. Without them, it will be almost impossible for us to live the way we do now.

These are responsible for producing several hormones like adrenaline, cortisol, and other steroid hormones. Whenever our body perceives any external threat these glands secrete these hormones which then have a widespread effect on our body.

Out of all these hormones we are most concerned about cortisol. 

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This cortisol hormone is responsible for all these following roles in our body: 

  • Controlling body metabolism 
  • Controlling inflammation 
  • Controls glucose metabolism
  • Controls bodies response to stress 

When your body is exposed stress your body produces too much cortisol and then it leads to several dysfunctions. And if the body is exposed to stress continuously it leads to chronic high levels of cortisol which is where we typically see symptoms.
















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