Thyroid Nodules - Causes And Natural Ways To Shrink Thyroid Nodules !

Episode 36: Thyroid Nodules - Causes And Natural Ways To Shrink Thyroid Nodules !

Thyroid Nodules Are Very Common And Lot Of People Still Don't Know The Real Causes Of Thyroid Nodules And People Are Looking For Ways They Can Help Shrink Those Thyroid Nodules So In This Video Dr.Anshul Gupta MD Talked About Natural Ways That Will Help To Shrink Thyroid Nodules.

00:00 Introduction 
00:34 What Are Thyroid Nodules ?
01:14 What Causes Thyroid Nodules ? 
02:06 Thyroid Nodule Treatment Without Surgery
05:54 Summary



About Dr.Anshul Gupta MD:
Dr. Anshul Gupta Md Is Board-certified Family Medicine Physician, With Advanced Certification In Functional Medicine, Peptide Therapy And Also Fellowship Trained In Integrative Medicine.He Has Worked At The Prestigious Cleveland Clinic Department Of Functional Medicine As Staff Physician Alongside Dr. Mark Hyman.He Believes In Empowering His Patients To Take Control Of Their Health And Partners With Them In Their Healing Journey.

He Now Specializes As A Thyroid Functional Medicine Doctor, And Help People Reverse Their Unresolved Symptoms Of Thyroid Dysfunction.

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