Thyroid Detox

Easy Thyroid Detox To jump-start your weight loss.

Inside: How toxins can be the underlying reason for the inability to loose weight, especially in people suffering from thyroid disorder. The method you can use to reboot your system for weight loss. Here are tips to support your natural detox system in five different areas.

Present environment is laden with toxins all around us. These environmental toxins have been linked to several autoimmune diseases, especially thyroid disorders like Hashimoto’s.

Several toxins have been labelled as endocrine disruptors and affect the hormone systems and most frequently thyroid hormones.

Overburdening toxins can cause people to feel fatigued or tired. These environmental toxins can hamper with their weight loss efforts, and also can be the underlying cause of their chronic conditions.

Frequently people suffering from thyroid issues find it difficult to lose weight. Most of the time they have been told that it’s their diet or they are not exercising enough.

What I have seen is that there are several females who are on strict diets and also working out regularly, but still unable to lose weight. The most common reason behind this is the toxins.

The way these toxins set weight loss efforts back is — by altering hormonal signals.

These hormonal signals interfere with weight loss efforts and cause the body to retain weight on the body in spite of working towards losing it. And this is the reason it is more difficult for females to lose weight as compared to males. The female hormonal system is much more complex and frequently hormonal dysfunction is the underlying reason its difficult for females to lose weight.

Now our body does have an inbuilt mechanism to help get rid of the toxins, but sometimes these systems don’t work as well as they should because of being overlapped with chronic diseases; also more and more toxins are being released in our environment every day, and we are getting more exposure to toxins than before, so it’s difficult for our body to fight off all the toxins it gets exposed to.

The bigger question everyone should be asking is — What is natural detox and which foods can help you to detox; and that is what we would like to answer here.

Our body detoxifies itself in different ways. One of the major detoxification pathways is through our liver and you can call it as our master detoxifier in our body.

But interestingly, there are many other routes that our body detoxifies through and they are not given enough attention. Most of the detox protocol are focused on flushing out toxins from the liver which are good but doesn’t completely optimize all the detoxification pathways.  We need to work on all the pathways together so that our body can get rid of these toxins and feel better. 

Also at the same time, it is important to reduce the exposure from the different toxins in our environment and that’s where clean living is very important. 

Natural Detox and Foods That Detox Your Body 

Detox Through Gut

Our Gut is an important route where we can get rid of a lot of toxins. Regular bowel movements are very important for these purposes. If people have constipation, and the stool with toxins sits longer in their gut and some of these toxins can be reabsorbed and not eliminated completely.

So having regular bowel movements are very important to detoxify our body. Two easy ways we can help out get achieve regular bowel moments is — making sure to drink enough water, eating lots of vegetables regularly to get enough fiber.

If the above mentioned two lifestyle changes don’t work to create regular bowel moments, you can add some Magnesium citrate as a supplement, that works great for the majority of the people to create regular bowel movements in the mornings. 

Detox Through Kidneys

Kidneys help your body to eliminate several water-soluble toxins in the urine it makes.

BUT in order to do this, the kidneys need an adequate amount of water. So it is important to drink lots of water daily to keep your kidneys happy and help it to eliminate those toxins.

A lot of people will drink lots of coffee or tea thinking that they are getting water through that route, but plain filtered water is best for your kidneys, all other forms of water need processing, while plain filtered water helps in various body processes.

So make an extra effort to drink that plain filtered water. 

Detox Through Sweating

Sweating is another way that our body eliminates toxins. Now you might have heard about infrared saunas that everybody is talking about and yes it does help with eliminating toxins. But don’t get disheartened if you don’t have access to a sauna, because you can always sweat otherwise also.

Few tips about sweating are — make sure when you are working out layer up with a jacket so that you sweat more with less workout effort.

Another important tip is to make sure you shower immediately after sweating as it allows the sweat to dry on your skin and the toxins can get reabsorbed. So showering immediately takes care of those toxins for you. 

Detox Through Lymphatic system

The lymphatic system is one system which is undermined for what it does in our body. The lymphatic system plays such an important part not only in the immune functioning, but also to maintain fluid balance but also for detoxification.

The best way to help your lymphatic system to detox is to work out regularly so it helps with lymph flow.

But another technique is called Dry brushing, it’s very easy. Basically what you need to do it take a dry brush and start brushing your different body parts.  The direction of brushing is towards your heart and use long firm strokes but be gentle. 

Detox Through Liver

Now let’s talk about our master detoxifier – Liver. Most of the time liver can handle huge loads to toxins but sometimes the liver is overburdened with toxins or there might be some genetic defects which can impair the detox process.

There are certain foods and spices which can help your detox through the liver. 

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts can help detox better. Artichokes are also good liver support food. Also spices like turmeric, and ginger also helps the liver detoxify. You can also add some milk thistle for liver support during the detox. 

Above detox methods can give your body the required jump start for weight loss that you were not accomplishing before. Obviously it is also important to be on the proper diet for weight loss and also regular exercise program along with it.

If you have thyroid disease or other autoimmune diseases it is important to use these detox strategies regularly in your life so that those toxins don’t overburden your system and you can improve your disease process. Also, most people after doing the detox feel more energised and rejuvenated and will be able to lose weight.  

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Easy Thyroid Detox To jump-start your weight loss.

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