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Integrative Medicine Consult with Dr. Gupta


Integrative medicine means helping people reach their optimal health and wellbeing. It is not focused on just treating a disease but rather it focuses on helping the person as a whole. Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing of a person and not just the absence of disease. And integrative medicine helps restore the complete health of a person and not just treating the acute health condition. 

Integrative medicine consultation involves clients and doctors working together and pay attention of improve various lifestyle factors like diet, sleep, stress management, and exercise. Our integrative medicine consultations are personalized care that is provided by Dr. Gupta to help clients not only resolve their symptoms but also improve their overall health. 

Our health is influenced by several factors such as exposure to stress, poor diet, nutritional deficiencies, and toxins. Integrative medicine addresses the biological, behavioral, psychological, and environmental influences on your health. It is a 360-degree approach to your health and addresses the physical, mental, and emotional piece of your health. 

Integrative medicine consults focuses on the importance of the relationship between the doctor and the client, and they work as a team to reverse the diseases. Integrative medicine treatments are based on scientific evidence, and there are various clinical trials that prove the efficiency of integrative medicine modalities. 

Dr. Gupta is fellowship trained in integrative medical practice, and that has helped him to give the best care to his clients. There are several practitioners out there, but not many are fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine. The fellowship training helps him to offer the most current therapies available to help his clients, and also to make sure they don’t interact with any current medicines people might be taking. 

While working with Dr. Gupta you can expect the following. 

  1. He likes to partner with his clients to make a plan that works for them. He doesn’t dictate the terms when working with his clients, rather he listens to his clients. 
  2. Dr. Gupta is not against conventional medicine, and can easily help you to incorporate both conventional and integrative medicine modalities in your therapeutic plan.
  3. Dr. Gupta doesn’t only focus on getting your disease better, rather he helps to get your whole body in good health. 
  4. Dr. Gupta with his world-class training and years of clinical experience will help you reach your health goals. 


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