Rethinking Hypothyroidism: Combining T3 Therapy might be the answer

Episode 34: Rethinking Hypothyroidism: Combining T3 Therapy might be the answer

In recent times, hypothyroidism is by no means an unknown disease for many. 
With most of the population having thyroid problems, what is the real problem in treating it? What are the alternatives to conventional T4 medicines? 

In this episode, the renowned researcher Dr. Antonio Bianco is here to share his knowledge on Thyroid and combining T3 therapy for thyroid patients.

What's Covered:
2:22 - Why T4 medicines like Levothyroxine alone don't work for some?
12:02 - Combination Therapy
13:55 - Why just TSH testing is not enough?
19:16 - Why does T4-T3 conversion not happen well for some?
23:50 - Reason for choosing combination therapy
28:23 - Options for T4, T3 combination therapy
35:28 - Other aspects of proper thyroid treatment
37:53 - The Book 'Rethinking Hypothyroidism'




About the Guest.
Dr. Antonio Bianco is a physician, scientist, and a writer working in the thyroid field. He obtained his MD and PhD in human physiology in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and then later immigrated to the United Status, where he maintains an NIH funded laboratory. His research career has focused on how T3 initiates or terminates clinical biological steps while maintaining relatively stable plasma levels. Dr. Bianco was elected and served as president of the American Thyroid Association in 2016.

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