The #1 Mistake You’re Making When Eating For Gut Health

If you are feeling bloated, sluggish or lethargic, then your Gut Health might not be in a good phase. Taking care of your gut health and digestive system has become the need of the hour and as people are getting aware of eating enough fibre and probiotic-rich foods, there are certain habits which are been overlooked! 

These habits are affecting your gut health adversely, hence the mistakes should be avoided to ensure a healthy digestive system.

Keeping a check on what you eat and how you eat defines the health of your gut. So, here are the top mistakes that most people make when eating for a great gut. 

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Snacking throughout the day

Our guts are not designed to take the load of the food that you dump throughout the day one after the other into your tummy. They need some time to digest the food effectively, hence snacking all day is definitely not recommended. 

Take 4-6 hours of gap between the meals and at least 12 hours of gap overnight to ensure smooth digestion. 

Consuming Yogurt

People generally consider Yogurt as a good source of Probiotics but they actually have very few live bacteria in them. It is also made of poor quality, low-fat sources of milk and are packed with sugar that feeds sugar-dependent bacterias in the gut. 

Yoghurt for gut health

So, replace yoghurt with fibre–flax seeds, veggies like broccoli and kale, and whole unprocessed grains like quinoa and oats.

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Eating Too many ‘Gut Healthy’ Processed Foods

There is a large variety of products in the market that ensures ‘Probiotic Health’ like processed yoghurts with tons of sugar, probiotic drinks, and even sugar-heavy kombucha which are actually not a healthy option for your gut. 

So, avoid consuming such ‘Gut Healthy’ Processed Food and switch to simple, healthy, freshly cooked food. 

Eating when Stressed

Being stressed takes away all the energy from our stomach which causes slow digestion. It leads to fermentation of food in the stomach that results in gas, bloating and an imbalance of gut bacteria. 

Stress eating for gut health

Hence, it is extremely important to stay calm and happy while eating your food and avoid thinking and watching anything that elevates cortisol, a primary stress hormone in your body. 

Consuming Too Many Raw Vegetables

Eating raw vegetables is good but consuming too many of them while having gut health issues is not a good idea. Diminished Enzyme Production and an altered gut microbiome make it difficult to digest raw vegetables. 

So, eating a plate full of cooked vegetables is recommended at the initial level and increases the consumption of raw vegetables over time as digestion improves. You can also rebuild the gut microbiome by eating fermented veggies as part of a balanced diet. 

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Cheating on your Healthy Plan

Once you are following a Healthy Plan for your gut, don’t spoil it by jumping on the cheat plans. Going back to the old habits by getting tempted by mouth-watering food which is rich in sugar and white flour can lead you back to square one. 

So, get determined to follow a healthy plan to ensure good gut health.

Not Adopting Elimination Diet

If you are facing a gut health issue, there are surely some foods that are causing chaos in your stomach. Hence, that food should be avoided in the first place to recover your stomach from the damage caused by that food. 

Gut health mistakes

Hence, before introducing a healthy food plan, give your gut some time to heal by adopting an elimination diet. 

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Consuming fermented foods such as Kombucha and Sauerkraut

Although Fermented Food is rich in Probiotics, some people due to adverse gut issues cannot digest fermented foods effectively. 

Hence, avoid consuming Fermented Foods like Kombucha and Sauerkraut if your digestive system doesn’t allow you to. 

Kombucha for gut health

Changing Everything Overnight

Rather than adopting quick changes to your diet, go for steady changes that will help your gut to deal with the new diet plans. 

Also, incorporating new health plans into your daily routine steadily helps you evaluate and monitor the results, giving you a clear picture of what is actually working for you and what is not! 

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Taking Supplements

Avoid relying on supplements to improve your gut health. A single pill won’t recover the damage caused to your gut by filling it with food that isn’t right for your body. 

So, instead of taking supplements, work on good eating habits and a life low in stress. 

Supplements for gut health

Hence, avoiding these basic mistakes will help you notice the significant improvement in the health of your gut. 

Simply vary the ingredients in your meals, eat freshly cooked meals, sleep well, eat slowly, chew well, lower your levels of stress, and eat a diet high in vegetables and fibre, all these are attributed to help improve your gut health. 

So, eat wisely and let your gut heal with a strengthened digestive system and balanced microbiome.



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