How Meditation Improves Thyroid?

While sticking to proper thyroid medication, a nutritious diet, and a healthy lifestyle, it is equally important to keep a check on your stress level as it is something that can trigger your thyroid hormones and nullify all the efforts you are making to maintain good health. 

Thyroid and autoimmune diseases are highly affected by stress levels. It can be either psychological or physiological stress. So, rather than putting your body in adrenaline mode to fight against your increased stress levels, efforts should be made to keep your body in healing and digestion mode that improves overall health. 

thyroid and meditation

Meditation plays a major role in reducing your stress levels and keeping your mind at peace. Meditation includes deep breathing techniques, improving concentration, and bringing a sense of calmness to the body. It involves a whole procedure to experience relaxation from head to toe. 

It is a practice of building your stress tolerance by focusing on one thing! It can be an object, person, or candle flame. It allows your body to focus and keep your mind stable. It is a great practice to deal with your physical and emotional discomforts and relax your mind. 

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Once you start practicing meditation, you will experience improved focus, high-stress tolerance, and compassionate acceptance toward yourself. 

Along with it, keeping stress levels in control will help your body in improving the levels of key hormones and neurotransmitters including serotonin, the calming neurotransmitter GABA, the adrenal hormone DHEA, the growth hormone, and melatonin. Hence, you experience a reduced level of cortisol and relief from adrenal fatigue too. 

Benefits of Meditation for Thyroid Patients 

Reduce Brain Fog

Thyroid Patients are more likely to suffer from brain fog as it is one of the most common symptoms of Thyroid Disease. Meditation improves concentration and allows the brain to function more efficiently with an improved ability to change and adapt which eventually builds stress tolerance and reduces our stress levels. 

brain fog

Fight Depression

Meditation brings positivity to your mind and a sense of acceptance. Hence, bringing you out of the depressed and mundane life. 

Quality Sleep

Once your mind is at peace, your sleep quality improves. Getting enough sleep helps in balancing your hormones and hence keeping your health on track. 

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Low Cortisol Levels

Meditation reduces stress which leads to low cortisol levels. This helps your thyroid hormones to function properly without triggering your symptoms. 

Reduce Inflammation and Improve Immunity

High-Stress Levels trigger inflammation and take a toll on immunity. Hence, meditation helps in reducing stress levels which benefits your body by reducing inflammation and improving immunity. 

Reduce Risk of Other Diseases

Keeping your stress levels in control allows your body to function properly. Hence, you are at low risk of getting other diseases like heart disease, stroke, or even cancer. 

health meditation

Hence, practicing Meditation is one such activity that can transform your life and gives you a gift of good health. Meditation is not rocket science, you can easily do it by yourself or seek expert guidance to get started. 

Steps to get started with the Meditation

Start with Short Duration

Initiate the practice by meditating for 15 minutes per day and soon you will get habitual of the practice and can expand the time duration. 

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Keep a positive attitude

Before you start the practice of meditation, fill your mind with a positive attitude that you can do it and it will help your body to heal. 

Manifest the Major Goals

Believe that meditation will help your thyroid health and manifest it with a clear intention of attaining good health. 

manifest goals

Stay Consistent

Dedication is the key to success. Stay committed to your practice of meditation and follow it consistently to build it into a habit. 

Stay Comfortable

Check your comfort before starting with Meditation. Keep away anything that distracts your attention and feel comfortable to get started. 

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Ways to help you meditate

Meditation helps you in aligning your mind, body, and spirit, hence giving you a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life that allows your body to heal from within. 

There are various ways that can help you to meditate, these are: 

Good Music

Listen to music that feels peaceful to you. It helps your mind to relax and calm your body. The vibrations help you to attain inner peace and Comfort. 

music meditation

Breathing Techniques

Stress makes breathing shallow, so take a few deep breaths and allow your body to release stress. Focus on your breathing pattern and soon you will observe improved concentration while meditating. 

Pour your Heart Out

Speak out loud and release your body from the baggage of stress. Express your feelings, experience self-love, and just be yourself. Once you start keeping negative thoughts out of your mind, your body will be more aligned with reduced stress levels. 

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Focusing on Object

Improve Concentration by focusing on any object or a candle flame. Once your eyes are stuck on a flickering candle flame, your mind runs out of thoughts and relaxes your body. 



Meditation provides deep relaxation to your body which in turn neutralizes hyperactivity and anxiety. It also boosts Dopamine which deals with brain fog and lifts your spirits. Meditation brings harmony to mind-body-spirit, hence regulating and balancing neurotransmitters to keep your thyroid hormones in control. 

So, give your body a daily dose of meditation. You never know what wonders it can do to your thyroid health.



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