Master your stress to heal your thyroid with Amy Stark

Episode 22: Master your stress to heal your thyroid with Amy Stark

Do you know stress can be a major contributor to thyroid issues? Stress can cause hormone imbalances and interfere with the proper functioning of your gland. That’s why it’s important to learn how to manage stress in order to better heal your thyroid. 

But how do you do it?

While there are a lot of techniques you can try out, the EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique can be one of the most effective. 

Excited to know more about EFT? 

Check out my discussion with Amy Stark about EFT where she talks everything about EFT including:

- What is EFT?
- Why should you try it?
- How to do EFT?
- How the body keeps the score?
- How we are made of energy?
- How to shift our mindset?
- The connection between our thoughts and our body!
& much more!



About the Guest:

Amy Stark is an author, speaker, and teacher and transformation expert. She is the host of The Stark Transformation Show. For over a decade, Amy has been teaching others how to master their life and energy with the most cutting-edge tools and techniques. Amy has a degree in Psychology, a Masters in Education, is an L.M.T, and a biohacker at heart. She is also a trained Reiki Master, Reconnective Healer, E.F.T Practitioner, and is known around the world for helping people to create happier and healthier lives full of joy and purpose.


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About the Host:

Dr. Anshul Gupta is a best-selling author, speaker, researcher, and world expert in Hashimoto’s disease. He educates people worldwide on reversing Hashimoto’s disease.
He is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, with advanced certification in Functional Medicine, Peptide therapy, and also Fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine.
He has worked at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Department of Functional Medicine alongside Dr. Mark Hyman. He has helped thousands of patients to reverse their health issues by using the concepts of functional medicine.

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