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Can I take Thyroid Medicine with Tea? 

Since writing this post several people have reached me out to ask whether instead of coffee it is fine to take the thyroid medicine in the morning with tea or not.  So again the research suggests that taking the thyroid medicine with it also interferes with the absorption of the medicine.  Whether it is green tea or regular black tea they both interfere with the absorption of thyroid medicine.  Again the exact mechanism of that is still unknown,  but it is believed to be certain phytochemical compounds in which again interfere with the absorption. 


Can I take Thyroid Medicine with lemon water? 


Another question I get is taking the thyroid medicine with lemon water in the morning.  We do not have any research study that has looked at lemon water and thyroid medicine.  but I feel that to be on the safe side it is good to avoid lemon water and just take your medicine with regular water and then later on you can add lemon water or Lemon Tea in your breakfast. 

 So in conclusion what this means is that it is very important that you know how to take your thyroid medicine.  Food and beverages affect the absorption of thyroid medicine so even though you are taking the medicine it might not be reaching your body in the correct dosage.  I am surprised that with a simple change of not taking the medicine with any food or coffee several of my patients have actually felt better.  So the best way to take thyroid medicine is to consume the medicine as soon as you wake up with a glass of plain water and then wait for an hour or longer before you drink your tea coffee or eat your breakfast. 


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