How Does Functional Medicine Work?


Fancied by the trending healthcare term 'Functional Medicine', but not sure if it's right for you or how it actually works?

Then this article is just what you need.


As a Functional Medicine practitioner, I have worked with plenty of patients who actually had no idea why, in the first place, they are having a particular disease or facing some discomfort. 

They just know something is wrong with their body, but sure what or why.

This is exactly what a functional medicine can help you with - not just prescribe a medication for your obvious symptoms but dig deeper to understand what's wrong with your body to exhibit such symptoms.


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What is functional medicine


What Is Functional Medicine?


Functional Medicine is a system-based holistic way of medical care that focuses primarily on the underlying root cause of any health issue.

Having become one of the vital parts of health care approaches, Functional Medicine connects the best form of traditional notions with research-based medical diagnosis and treatment.

Precisely, the Functional Medicine approach uses modern technology and advancements to diagnose patients' problems and the parameters connected to them. Based on this analysis, the actual cause of any disease is addressed with a patient-specific treatment plan.


why functional medicine


Why Functional Medicine?


Your brain fog, bloating, fatigue, & other such seemingly ordinary health problems may actually be the symptoms of some chronic disorders like Thyroid dysfunction or just an after-effect of your stressful day.

This or that - how do you find it?

You go for a conventional thyroid test and the results come out normal. You are prescribed dozens of doses for every issue. But the symptoms persist. What do you do now? You know there is a problem, your body has been whispering it to you. But what is it?

Every conventional diagnosis doesn't evaluate every parameter in your body. Here, a conventional TSH test for thyroid functioning may miss out on other essential indications of a thyroid issue like low T3 levels, thyroid antibody issues causing Hashimoto's and much more.


This article on 'why “Normal” Thyroid Test Results may not actually be Normal' can give you more light on this topic.


In such cases, a conventional doctor may not have the exact answer for your problem with an incomplete test result.

This is where the Functional Medicine approach differs from other ways of health care.

Your Functional Medicine doctor would probably be having a long detailed conversation with you before even asking you for a laboratory test. Your genetic, biochemical, and environmental parameters are taken into consideration before coming to a conclusion.

Precisely, in Functional Medicine, the real reason behind your symptoms is found and a treatment plan is devised to fix it.


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How functional medicine works


How Does Functional Medicine Work?


Unlike the traditional medical practices where the symptoms are immediately controlled with a series of drugs or surgery, a Functional Medicine approach works by understanding the interconnected mechanisms of your body as a whole.

The Functional Medicine approach primarily focuses on 2 things -

  • Diagnosing what is disrupting your body’s regular mechanisms and trying to remove it from your body.
  • Understanding what is missing in your body to help reverse the issues happening and trying to add it to your system.


So, in the Functional approach, your body is actually aided to self-regulate by itself and help it come back to the regular balanced self.


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With advanced diagnostic analysis and functional laboratory testing processes, the complex network that makes your body unique is understood and treated.

Depending on the test results and the patient’s inputs, a customized treatment plan is devised for every patient with utmost care. This may include properly planned nutritional changes, lifestyle changes, prescription of supplements, or even medication.


With Functional Medicine, as a patient, you get to know your body better by getting educated about the problems you are facing and the reason behind them. This way, you understand what to do and what not to do for the betterment of your body and making way for a healthier life.


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