GERD Diet Plan

GERD Diet Plan

Inside: GERD and acid reflux is a major problem. several people suffer from it daily and have been taking medications. But what they don’t know is that through a simple diet plan they can get rid of acid reflux. That’s the GERD diet plan I describe here.

Food plays an important part in taking care of your GERD symptoms. There are certain foods which can cause your GERD to get worse and there are certain foods which can help.

My goal is to help my patients not only improve their GERD symptoms but also to heal their gut in general at the same time so that their overall health is in better shape. Because a lot of our diseases start in the gut and if we can heal the gut it can help prevent future diseases.

Foods To Avoid When Facing GERD

There are some foods which cause inflammation in our gut and we will like to avoid those if you are suffering from GERD. Then we will like to also like to avoid foods which can make GERD symptoms worse.

  1. Gluten and Dairy: These are inflammatory foods for our system and thus should be avoided not only for GERD but also for overall gut health.
  2. Carbonated Beverages: This includes sodas whether dark or light coloured, carbonated/ sparkling water
  3. Caffeinated Drinks: This means giving up coffee and caffeinated teas, this also includes green teas because it doesn’t have caffeine in it. Decaf coffee might be ok in some cases, as even the decaf will have some caffeine
  4. High fatty meals: Meals which are high in trans fats like deep-fried foods, and also meals with high-fat content should be avoided
  5. Alcohol: whether it is wine, or beer, or other kinds of hard liquor for the sake of gerd, should avoid those
  6. Vegetables to avoid: onion and garlic, tomatoes
  7. Citrus fruits: lemons, lime, oranges. This also included juices
  8. Spicy foods: This is a case by case basis, some people will tolerate some spicy foods but some will not.
Foods to eat to improve GERD

Food That Help Reduce GERD Symptoms

  1. Gluten-free whole grains: There are now a plethora of products which are gluten-free but do your own research by looking at the ingredients. The gluten-free grains that should be eaten are –amaranth, buckwheat, millet, quinoa, rice, teff.
  2. Dairy-free alternatives: Try different kinds of milk alternatives which are available and see which one you like the most. Some of the kinds on the market are organic almonds, flaxseed, soy, coconut, cashew milk.
  3. Drinks: Water is your best friend and try to drink lots of water, but not immediately with meals. Bone broth or vegetable broths are also a good addition. Ginger teas can be helpful.  You can also try some apple cider vinegar with meals to see if that helps, but if it makes symptoms worse than you should stop it.
  4. Vegetables: Green leafy vegetables are really healthy and can be very helpful with GERD symptoms. But try to eat a variety of other vegetables too like red beets, red peppers, and radishes; carrots, yams, sweet potatoes, and winter squash; yellow summer squash. Try to eat cooked vegetables as compared to raw as some people might not tolerate the greens in raw fashion. Add fresh ginger and turmeric if you can in your recipes.
  5. Fruits: Majority of the fruits are fine on this diet just stay from the citrus fruits. Stay away from juices and try to eat the whole fruit. Some fruits especially good for GERD are watermelons, bananas, blueberries
  6. Oils and Fats: Oils to use will be extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and ghee. Remember that doesn’t mean that you can fry your food in these oils. But you can use them to saute or add to your food.
  7. Meats: Chicken, fish, turkey, and lean meats are fine.

I hope this GERD diet will not only help you to improve your GERD symptoms but will also help to heal your gut. This plan focuses on removing inflammatory foods that are harmful to your gut and introduce foods which are healthy and help your gut to heal.

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Gerd Diet Plan
GERD Diet Plan

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