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Functional Medicine may be your answer to your chronic health conditions. Functional medicine doctor incorporates the newest research within the field of health into its programs. Best functional medicine doctor through their in-depth protocols, will address your root cause and not only improve your symptoms but also assist you in reversing your disease.


What is Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a system based medicine which helps you identify the root cause of your chronic health condition and works on an inside out approach. Functional medicine is also called the “root cause medicin”e because it goes to the real root cause. Conventional medicine is symptom based medicine and most of the time it is only treating a particular condition at the surface level. And that’s the reason most people continue to suffer from their symptoms even after taking medications. In functional medicine through various clinical evaluations and advanced lab testing we are able to identify their real problem that led to the development of a particular disease. And once you know the underlying problem and you address it then it becomes very easy to reverse that particular condition.


What is a Functional Medicine Doctor

Functional medicine doctor is a conventionally trained MD who also has done advanced certification in functional medicine. He is able to combine conventional medicine and alternative medicine to give you the best of both worlds. Functional medicine doctors have been trained to spend a lot of time with their clients, that helps them to understand the real root causes of the problem. Functional medicine doctors are well versed in the underlying Physiology, biochemistry and takes into account the individual genetic makeup of an individual when they are making the plan for that particular patient. Often functional medicine doctors will make a comprehensive plan that will include specific diets, stress management techniques, specific exercising techniques, specific supplements and advanced testing. But there are several people who are claiming themselves to be functional medicine doctors, but in reality they are not completely trained MD’s Or they have not done complete certifications in functional medicine. So it is very important to know your doctor and do your own research before working with a particular functional medicine doctor.


Is Functional Medicine Legitimate

Functional medicine is the fastest growing field of medicine in the last decade. Several people have seen benefit from utilising functional medicine protocols in their disease processes. There has also been a Research Institute which has been established at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio to do more research in functional medicine protocols. Infact  Dr. Anshul Gupta worked at the Cleveland Clinic Centre of Functional Medicine and has been researching Functional medicine Model of care in gut disorders, thyroid disorders and autoimmune diseases. There has been research papers published which shows the efficacy Of functional medicine protocols in improving chronic diseases.


Functional Medicine Doctors in NYC

NYC has been fortunate that it does have some great functional Medicine doctors, who have been striving hard to improve their patients health. But still there are not enough functional medicine doctors in NYC to tackle the needs for all the people here. And often there are long wait times, or people are not able to get the quality care and attention that they deserve. Dr. Gupta has started a telemedicine functional medicine practice, where he gives individual attention to all his clients. He only takes a few clients every month so that he can give all the attention to each and every client that signs up with him. And plus each client is connected with him through emails so that he can support him through this journey.


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Consult Functional Medicine Doctor in New York City

What to Expect From a Functional Medicine Doctor

Functional medicine doctor is like a detective, He is going to help you understand why you are feeling the way you are. Along with that, he is going to do an in depth analysis of your condition, your specific body type, and is going to tell you the root causes that are causing your diseases. Often this process will take a long time and typical functional medicine doctors will spend between one to 2 hours in the initial visit. After the initial visit A functional medicine doctor will give you his comprehensive plan that is needed for you to improve your health. Often these plans will be based on your specific needs. But they will typically include a specific diet based on your disease condition and it will also include specific pharmaceutical grade supplements that are specially designed for functional medicine to improve the disease process of every client. On top of that, some of the functional medicines doctors have advanced training in peptide therapy,  Which is the newest therapy In functional medicine and only few functional medicine doctors are trained into it. In short a functional medicine doctor will give you the most advanced treatment plan, and help you to implement the plan in an easy way so that you can succeed in implementing it and get your life back.


How to Find a Functional Medicine Doctor

Finding of functional medicine doctor can be very. Daunting task. The reason being not all functional medicine doctor have been trained the same way and. They might not have the relevant clinical experience in treating patients through functional medicine. Most of the people were working with functional medicine have complicated underlying processes which are leading to their health condition and it requires a trained and experience functional medicine doctor to improve them. Several people have worked with different kinds of. Alternative doctors, but have not succeeded., the most common reason is that they don’t have the. Understanding and training in treating complex cases. Some of the ways to find a functional medicine doctors are:

  1. Do a Google search and type functional medicine doctor in NYC.
  2. Making sure that doctor is Institute of Functional Medicine certified doctor.
  3. Making sure that the doctor has relevant training of being in MD. And also looking at what other certifications he might have done.
  4. Looking at relevant testimonials to see if he or she is specialising in your health condition.



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Why Choose Dr. Anshul Gupta MD, FAIHM, IFMCP

Dr. Anshul Gupta is a board-certified Family Physician. He is fellowship trained in Integrative medicine and a certification course in Functional Medicine through Institute of Functional Medicine. He then worked at the Cleveland Clinic and addressed a number of the foremost complicated patients. He focuses on helping people with thyroid disorders, gut disorders, and autoimmune issues. He has helped thousands of individuals to regain their life back.

His clients love him, and often share testimonials of how working with him transformed their life. Please listen to some of the testimonials people have shared to give you hope that you can also get better.

He has been seen frequently on various podcasts and summits giving interviews and sharing his functional medicine expertise and his one of the most sought after functional MD’s to give his opinions. You can check the media section here to see some of his interviews.  

So if you're handling a chronic health condition and need to understand the basis explanation for your disease. or, you want to understand what else are you able to do to control your disease better or improve your health. or, you are experiencing symptoms that no-one has answers to. Then you would like to figure out a functional medicine doctor, who can partner with you and supply you with the newest treatment plan options.


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Functional medicine is also called root cause medicine, as it helps to identify the underlying cause of a person’s medical issues. It is a systematic approach that makes personalized plans based on science.

Yes Dr. Gupta utilizes natural ways to treat his clients. These includes lifestyle changes, special diets, supplements, herbs.

Yes, Dr. Gupta uses holistic ways to treat his clients. He makes comprehensive plans which includes personalized diet plans, quality supplements, and advanced testing.

Yes, Dr. Ansul Gupta has a virtual Functional Medicine practice and you can get a virtual functional medicine consultation with him in New York.

Yes Dr. Anshul Gupta is a certified Functional Medicine doctor. He has been certified with the Institute of functional medicine.

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