5 Foods To Avoid If You have Chronic Fatigue

Does Chronic Fatigue leave you with a little energy and extreme tiredness?

Do certain Food Items make you feel good at once and crash you later? Do you always have a feeling of fatigue and do not feel fresh even after having a good sleep?

Then, you should keep your eyes on what you eat to reduce the symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

foods to avoid with chronic fatigue


Having the right diet with proper nutrition helps in building up the energy levels but if you are suffering from Chronic Fatigue then you should keep a close check on what food items you should not eat too!  As various food items spike energy for a short span and leave you more tired later on.

Our body demands nutrition that stays for a long haul and helps you overcome tiredness by boosting your energy levels. So, we should completely avoid some food items that come in a way of reducing chronic fatigue symptoms. 


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So, before some foods rob you of energy, here is the list of 5 Foods that you should avoid if you are suffering from Chronic Fatigue. 


Caffeine might be your favorite when it comes to feeling energetic or staying awake but it crashes you down once its effect wears off! Hence, it makes the chronic fatigue symptoms worse by drastically draining your energy after the short spike.

It also disturbs your sleep and makes it hard to relax your body eventually increasing tiredness. So, next time you are thinking about caffeine intake, try to limit it for controlling your Chronic Fatigue Symptoms. 

foods to avoid with chronic fatigue


Sugar is always a Big No when it comes to a healthy diet. It has an inflammation property and uses a lot of nutrients to process it. So, try avoiding sugary products that spike your energy for a short span and drain you while making your chronic fatigue symptoms get worse.

Mostly, Chronic Fatigue Patients do crave sugary foods when they feel tired, but opting for food with added sugar is not a solution. Instead, switch to fruits that have natural sugar along with multiple proteins, vitamins, and fiber that improve your overall health and give you proper nutrition. 

foods to avoid with chronic fatigue


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Fried Foods

Keep a distance from Fried and Processed Foods if you want to improve your symptoms of Chronic Fatigue. Fried Foods lead to inflammation which in turn triggers Fatigue Symptoms.

So, whenever you feel like having Fried And Processed Foods, try replacing them with baked, boiled, or roasted food to safeguard yourself from the free radicals that are produced while frying them in oil at high temperatures. 

foods to avoid with chronic fatigue


Refined Foods

Say ‘No’ to refined foods as they spike your blood sugar levels and then drain your energy after a short period just like added sugar.

So, instead of having high blood sugar levels with white rice or pasta, focus on stabilizing them by having foods rich in fiber like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Brown rice, whole-wheat pasta, quinoa, and farro are the good options that you can look for. 

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Hydrogenated Oils

Unknowingly your food items may have hydrogenated oils that hurt your Chronic Fatigue. It leads to inflammation and worsens the symptoms. Hydrogenated Oils are mainly found in margarine, candy bars, cake mixes, and processed foods.

Although there are amazing substitutes to these food items that have hydrogenated oils as you can always go for milk in place of coffee creamer or instead of using cake mix, you can make a cake by scratch on your own. Other than this, dark chocolate is a wonderful substitute to satisfy your cravings for candy bars. 


A little awareness and picking up the options of the right diet by avoiding the food items that disrupt your chronic fatigue condition can effectively help you to control the symptoms of chronic fatigue and keep your energy levels up leaving you refreshed and energetic. 


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Your body reacts according to the way you feed it. So, check off the above-mentioned food items from your grocery list to help your body recover from the chronic fatigue and let your cells, muscles, and brain experience the energy for a longer time as a nutritious diet with the right food in the right quantity can stabilize your blood sugar levels, giving you better control on your chronic fatigue and its symptoms.



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