Fix Your Thyroid Fatigue Naturally with Dr. Evan H. Hirsch, MD

Episode 2:  Fix Your Thyroid Fatigue Naturally with Dr. Evan H. Hirsch, MD

Are you feeling tired all the time?
Do you have trouble losing weight, no matter how hard you try?
You may be suffering from thyroid fatigue.
It's not uncommon to feel tired after a long day or week. But if you're always tired, even after a good night's sleep, it might be a sign of something more serious. This fatigue may be due to an underactive thyroid, a condition known as hypothyroidism.
Fatigue is a common symptom of thyroid problems, but it can also be a sign of other health issues. While fatigue is often described as feeling tired all the time, it can also include other symptoms such as brain fog, difficulty concentrating, and low energy levels. Thyroid fatigue is thought to be caused by an imbalance in hormone levels, but it can also be a side effect of certain medications. Treating the underlying cause of fatigue can help to improve your overall energy levels and quality of life.
If you are experiencing fatigue, then this episode with Evan H. Hirsch, MD, a world-renowned Energy expert, will help you understand the causes of fatigue and how to treat it naturally.



About the Guest:

Evan H. Hirsch, MD, is a world-renowned Energy expert and is the Founder & CEO of the International Center for Fatigue. Through his best-selling book, podcast, and international online programs (that can be accessed from everywhere), he has helped thousands of people around the world optimize their energy & resolve their “mystery” symptoms naturally (without medications), and is on a mission to help 1 million more. He has been featured on television, podcasts, and summits, and when he’s not at the office, you can find him singing musicals, dancing hip-hop, and playing basketball with his family.
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About the Host:

Dr. Anshul Gupta is a best-selling author, speaker, researcher, and world expert in Hashimoto’s disease. He educates people worldwide on reversing Hashimoto’s disease.
He is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, with advanced certification in Functional Medicine, Peptide therapy, and also Fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine.
He has worked at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Department of Functional Medicine alongside Dr. Mark Hyman. He has helped thousands of patients to reverse their health issues by using the concepts of functional medicine.

Connect with Anshul Gupta, MD:
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