Find the root cause of brain fog, fatigue, and pain. And how to overcome them

Episode 24: Find the root cause of brain fog, fatigue, and pain. And how to overcome them

Are you suffering from brain fog, fatigue or pain? Not sure how to overcome them?

May be you are missing something important. That's why you are not able to overcome it.

The root cause. Yes, there might be something behind the scene that is causing all these problems. Once you identify it, you can make all these symptoms better and uplevel your mind and body for better!

In this episode, Dorinda A. Smith talks about how you can overcome brain fog, fatigue, and pain by 'The Genius Disease Model'.

 It may be time to take charge of your life again!



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Dr. Anshul Gupta is a best-selling author, speaker, researcher, and world expert in Hashimoto’s disease. He educates people worldwide on reversing Hashimoto’s disease.
He is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician, with advanced certification in Functional Medicine, Peptide therapy, and also Fellowship trained in Integrative Medicine.
He has worked at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic Department of Functional Medicine alongside Dr. Mark Hyman. He has helped thousands of patients to reverse their health issues by using the concepts of functional medicine.

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