Connection between Lyme and Hashimoto's Disease

Episode 32: Connection between Lyme and Hashimoto's Disease

Here is a power-packed episode on what is the Connection between Lyme and Hashimoto's disease.
Lyme & Hashimoto's are a two-way road, and they affect each other so often, learn how in this episode.
Learn the difference between chronic Lyme and acute Lyme disease. 
Why does Lyme go undiagnosed?
What tests a conventional doctor would do for Lyme disease, vs how do you actually need to test for Lyme disease? 
Acute Lyme - 
How to get acute Lyme tested; the labs that can test acute Lyme etc. 
Chronic Lyme -
And also understand how to diagnose Chronic Lyme Disease, even when you have exhausted many resources.
It is possible to keep the flare-ups from chronic Lyme in check with healthy immunity.

Lyme disease often gets misdiagnosed for many autoimmune diseases.
Sometimes ruling out other diseases will also help you nail down and understand if you have Lyme disease or not. 

"Don't focus only on treatment, the perfect storm that set you up to be sick to begin with that's the stuff that needs to be addressed, in order to get you better and keep you better" - Heather Gray

And how does one get over Lyme successfully?
Food & Healthy Lifestyle is the key! Only meds and diagnosis will not get you anywhere, no matter how expensive they are.

Food plays a huge role in getting better. Lyme is not just an infection; it mingles with your life and needs to be addressed in a holistic manner. 



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Meet Heather Gray, a Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist Practitioner who specializes in supporting clients with chronic illnesses such as Lyme disease. Heather's personalized approach to Functional Diagnostic Nutrition has helped countless clients reduce inflammation in the body and brain, improve gut health, and achieve optimal wellness. By working with Heather, you will receive a tailored program that addresses the root cause of your symptoms and helps you take control of your health journey. 

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