Symptoms and Treatment of Candida in Gut. Candidal overgrowth Diet, Supplements for Candida and Natutal remedies for Candida. Lastly treatment for candida in gut.

Symptoms and Treatment of Candida in Gut.

Inside: Candida in gut often gets ignored, and is the most commonly overlooked gut problem. Candidal overgrowth Diet, Supplements for Candida and Natutal remedies for Candida. Lastly treatment for candida in gut.

If you are wondering is candida overgrowth real? Especially about Candida in gut, you are not the only one. And to be honest the answer of this is going to depend on who is diagnosing you.

Candida in Gut is one of the topics in health with very diverse opinions. But here’s what you need to realize — Have you tried everything you thought of but have not been able to improve your symptoms yet? You probably are ready to get your poor gut health fixed and not worry about other people’s opinion.

The best part about this approach of candida cleanse is — This does not involve heavy antibiotics or antifungals. So you don’t have to worry about drug overdose.

This candida overgrowth treatment focuses on natural remedies to candida.

Candida in gut, Candidal overgrowth Diet, Supplements for Candida and Natutal remedies for Candida. Lastly treatment for candida in gut.

What is Candida?

Candida is a kind of fungus which like a lot of other organisms lives in our body. It can be present in our gut, skin and other areas.

The problem occurs when this fungus overgrows and turns into an infection.

Candida infection is the most fungal infections in humans. Typically it either causes vaginal yeast infections or skin infections.

So let’s quickly dive into the specifics!

What Causes Candida To Overgrow.

Our body is a ecosystem where different organisms live happily together. But sometimes we can interfere with this balance and that causes overgrowth of one organism more than the other.

So typically what happens is — we destroy some of our good bacteria in our body by either ingesting antibiotics, or through stress in our life, or through poor diet choices.

This good bacteria was keeping the candida in check, but with the good bacteria compromised, the candida starts overgrowing because it has free space and no good bacteria to fight candida.

Candidal overgrowth causes inflammation and infection which in turns starts hurting our body.

So the typical reasons for candida to overgrow are :

  1. Medications : antibiotics 
  2. Diet high in sugars, simple carbs 
  3. Reduced immunity : either through infections, or medications like steroids 
  4. Stress: any kind of stress whether physical, mental or emotional can cause candida overgrowth 
  5. High alcohol intake 

What are the symptoms of Candida in Gut

Overgrown Candida in gut has very common symptoms which is another reason why it’s often missed.

  1. Gut symptoms of constipation, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain
  2. Skin, vaginal and nail fungal infections
  3. Feeling fatigued or tired
  4. Sugar cravings
  5. Brain fog and difficulty concentrating
  6. Irritability, mood swings, depression, anxiety
  7. Difficulty losing weight

Candida Overgrowth Tests

There are different kinds of testing available to check for the overgrowth of candida in gut.

1. Blood test for Candida

This is the easiest test that can be done to check for candida in your system. There are antibodies that your body produces against candida and you can measure these antibodies to check for candida.

These are called candida antibodies IgG, IgM and candida complex. This test is not a full proof way of knowing the details about candida because sometimes it can show past infection and not current.

Yet, other time the problem is reversed, sometimes this antibodies test might be negative also because your body is so immunocompromised that it is not able to produce antibodies against Candida. Remember? being immunocompromised was the initial reason your body got candida overgrowth.

2. Stool test —

There are different kind of stool tests available under functional medicine umbrella, with which we can check for candida overgrowth.

The best part is – these are very specific tests and as they are culturing candida fungus itself and not identifying the antibodies, so they don’t rely on your body’s immune status.

3. Organic acid testing

There are certain Functional Medicine tests which checks for organic acids in the urine, which are metabolites produced by candida. If these organic acids levels are high then that also indirectly signifies fungal overgrowth in your system.

Treatment For Candida

Candida is difficult to treat but with a comprehensive plan we can take care of overgrowth of candida in gut.

There are pharmaceutical agents which can get rid of candida but we will like to first try natural remedies for candida cleanse to see if they can improve Candida overgrowth in gut.

A caution to follow though is against repeated antifungal drugs for candida, since it can make the fungus stronger and difficult for the body to remove. Plus antifungal for candida in gut has not shown as positive results as natural remedies for Candida have shown!

Candida Overgrowth Diet

Candida overgrowth diet to improve candida—

There are certain foods candida feeds on, so it is very important to stop these foods to control overgrowth of candida in gut.

Plus include foods that can help heal you from candida.

The most important food to control in Candida is sugar, candida feeds off sugar!

So its important to eliminate any kind of sugar whether plain sugar or honey or agave. You have to eliminate all sugary food to combat candida.

Second most important food is processed carb and high carb food, because these are very easy for the body to convert into carbohydrate, just like sugar.

Foods to avoid in candida overgrowth diet are —

  • Sugar (refined and complex)
  • Processed Food with high carbohydrates
  • Fast food
  • Sugary drinks, and Soda Pop
  • Alcohol

And eat a well balanced plant based diet.

Don’t wonder does the candida diet work or not. This is a fairly simple diet to try and see for yourself if candida diet works!

Since foods can affect candida so much, proper candida overgrowth diet is very important for the correct candida cleanse.

Candida in gut, Candidal overgrowth Diet, Supplements for Candida and Natutal remedies for Candida. Lastly treatment for candida in gut.

Supplements for Candida

Supplements play a very important role in natural remedies for candida. In fact, supplements are the key to get good results with candida overgrowth diet.

1. Oregano Oil:

Oregano oil can be useful in eliminating candida from your system, especially gut.

Recommended Oregano Oil.

2. Thyme:

Again an important herb which has been used to balance the gut, hence great to control overgrowth of candida in gut. Thyme is very potent in removing pathogens from gut.

Below are the special supplements for Candida in Gut and I recommend using them from specialized dispensary the one mentioned below.

3. Caprylic acid:

Caprylic acid is an amino acid which helps to break the biofilm which is a protective layer around candida.

This protective layer also prevents our immune system from identifying candida, which leads to no low or no production of antibiotics against candida to attack it.

So using this supplement helps to remove the biofilm thus candida is easy to get rid of.

Hence Caprylic acid as the supplement to remove this biofilm helps our body to get rid of candida overgrowth efficiently!

Recommended Caprylic acid

4. Probiotic called Saccharomyces Boulardii:

This is a special probiotic which helps to rebalance your gut and is helpful to get rid of candida in gut.

Recommended Saccharomyces Boulardii

5.Garlic in form of Allicin:

Plain garlic can actually give bloating to people especially if they have candida or bacterial overgrowth going on. BUT Allicin, an actual active ingredient in garlic works against candida, and helps control it’s overgrowth.

So I recommend people to use allicin supplement instead of using the garlic when dealing with overgrowth of candida for gut issues; so that they can get the benefits of garlic’s active ingredient without the side effect of bloating or GI discomfort.

Recommended Allicin

This is the dispensary I use to get supplements and you can find the supplements I recommended above here. I also have a special offer of 15% off any supplements, arranged for my reader.

Candida and IBS

Candida overgrowth is a significant problem for people suffering from IBS, and infact, candida can be the underlying cause for IBS.

Overgrowth of candida in the gut can cause gut related symptoms, which are very similar to IBS, hence they’re often diagnosed incorrectly.

But Candida and IBS are very different, while sometimes IBS can be cured by controling overgrowth of candida. The opposite is not so — trying to control IBS symptoms without addressing Candida is not possible.

Candida in gut needs it’s particular treatment, in fact a lot of people I see in my practice come to us thinking they have IBS, but in turn their gut health gets better by proper candida treatment.

Summary of Candida in Gut and it’s Treatment

It is difficult to test for candida but there are newer tests available which can sometimes point us in that direction, but most of the time symptoms can be used as an indicator for candida overgrowth.

Treatment is challenging but can be done. I generally recommend people to go no candida overgrowth diet with no sugar, refined carbohydrates, sugar additives, alcohol. And use the above-mentioned combination of supplements for candida — one which helps to kill the candida, one to get rid of biofilm.

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Symptoms and Treatment of Candida in Gut.

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