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Hashimoto’s Disease and TPO Antibodies

Understand how Hashimoto's disease is caused by knowing the relationship between Hashimoto's and TPO antibodies.

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Top 10 Thyroid Tests and How to Interpret them

Know various ways we can test your thyroid problems. Here is a list of the top 10 thyroid tests divided into 6 major categories and how to interpret them the right way.

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Lose weight with Hashimoto

Learn what you can do to lose weight when you have Hashimoto's disease. These tips will help you eat healthily and and follow the right things to keep yourself healthy.

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13 Prebiotic Foods To Improve Gut Health

Know the list of 13 prebiotic foods that can help to improve gut health.

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The Functional Medicine "5 R" Approach to Gut Health

Gut health is very important for our overall health. In this article, know how to improve your gut health through Functional Medicine -  The 5R approach to gut health.

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The #1 Mistake You’re Making When Eating For Gut Health

Do you know there can be some things you are doing to improve your gut health that is actually causing you more bad than good? Know what are the mistakes you may be making when eating for Gut health.

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The most dangerous heavy metals for your body.

toxic mechanisms of top five heavy metals

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How To Reverse Hashimoto’s - A Discussion with Chef AJ

Got questions about thyroid and the disorders associated with it, how to improve it, what food to eat and what not? Then, this podcast episode, a discussion with Chef AJ about how to reverse Hashimoto's has all the answers you need.

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Decreasing Migraine Frequency with Nutrition

Does Migraine bother you and affect your quality of life? Headache Disorders are one of the major causes of disability worldwide. Know what are the foods to avoid and include to improve migraine frequency.

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Healing Anxiety from Functional Medicine

Heal Anxiety easily with Functional medicine by understanding the mechanism of how anxiety occurs and how to treat all those mechanisms with Functional medicine.

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